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Environment, Health & Safety Index of Services

Find information and telephone contact numbers for Environment, Health & Safety services.

Use the data table below to find links to EH&S forms. See additional tips for using data tables. Use the Filter box and type in a category or form name. Some browsers may not allow you to fill in PDF forms; use Chrome or IE when possible.

Department Contact
Accident & Injury Reporting Ext. 42454
Accident and Incident Investigation Ext. 47513 or 26676
Accounting and Recharges Ext. 43088
Air Toxics, Pollution Ext. 49695 or 49985
Above and Below Ground Tanks Ext. 49745 or 23237
Animal Use and Care Ext. 46715
Area Safety Coordinators Ext. 47513
Art Health Hazards Ext. 47513
Asbestos Management Program ehsih@ucsd.edu 
Audits (Labs) ehsrap@ucsd.edu 
Back Injury Prevention ehsih@ucsd.edu 
Badges: Radiation Film Dosimetry Ext. 46418 or 60977
Battery Disposal Ext. 42753
Biosafety - Infectious Agents and Recombinant DNA Ext. 22493 and ehsbio@ucsd.edu
Biohazard and Medical Waste Ext. 42753
Biohazard Use Authorization (BUA) Ext. 22493 and ehsbio@ucsd.edu
Bloodborne Pathogens Ext. 22493 and ehsbio@ucsd.edu
Business Office for EH&S Ext. 43088 or 48707
Carcinogens Ext. 21579
Cell Phone Safety Ext. 46138
Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPA) compliance  Ext. 49745 or 23237
Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT)  Ext. 60695 or 43823
ChemCycle – chemical reuse program Ext. 42753
Hazard Control Plan (HCP) Ext. 21579 or 42698
Chemical Safety Ext. 21579 or 42698
Chemical Safety and Surveillance Committee Ext. 21579
Confined Space Entry Ext. 47513 or 46027
Construction Plan Review Ext. 47525 or 27870
Consumer Electronic Devices Disposal Ext. 42753
Contact EH&S Staff Ext. 44335
Controlled Substances Ext. 41362 or 49016
Controlled Substance Use Web application Ext. 41362 or 49016
CUPA compliance Ext. 49745 or 23237
Decontamination Clearance Request Ext. 47651
Department Safety Coordinators ehs-training@ucsd.edu 
Dosimetry: Badges and Rings Ext. 46418 or 60977
Electrical, Mechanical, and Construction Hazards Ext. 47513 or 46027
Electrical Safety Ext. 47513
Electronic or E-waste Disposal Ext. 42753
Emergency Phone Numbers Ext. 49745
Emergency Preparedness Ext. 60695 or 43823
Emergency (Douse) Shower testing Ext. 45427
Environmental Affairs (outdoor) air, water, and soil quality Ext. 49695 or 46018
Environmental Compliance Assurance Form Ext. 41563
Environmental Management Facility (Hazardous waste) Ext. 42753
Environmental permit applications and compliance Ext. 49695 or 46018
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Compliance Initiative Ext. 41563
Environmental Safety Ext. 41563
Ergonomics ehsih@ucsd.edu
Equipment Decontamination Clearance Request Ext. 47651
Eye Wash and Emergency Shower operation Ext. 45427
Exposure Assessment ehsih@ucsd.edu 
Field Operational Planner (aka Field Safety Plan) Ext. 47651 (research)
or 42112 (non-research)
Fire Extinguisher Use and Training Ext. 25974
Fire and Life Safety Ext. 43659
Fire Marshal Ext. 25706
First-Aid Kits Ext. 45427
FitLife Occupational Program Ext. 27818
Flu Information Ext. 48225
Food Safety Ext. 45242 or 47513
Food Stand Permits Ext. 45242 or 47513
Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) at UCSD Ext. 49745
Forms Ext. 41954
Free Release and Decontamination Clearance Ext. 22494
General Safety Ext. 47513
Hazard Awareness Ext. 25974
Hazard Communication Program Ext. 21579 or 47513
Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP) Ext. 49745 or 46118
Hazardous Materials Response Team Ext. 43660
Hazardous Materials Shipping (858) 534-7467, Ext. 244
Hazardous Waste Ext. 42753
Hazardous Waste Generator Number (WGN) Ext. 42753
Hazardous Waste Collection Request Ext. 42753
Hazardous Waste Collection Schedule Ext. 42753
Healthcare Safety Office (Hillcrest and Thornton) Ext. 37575
Heat Illness Prevention ehsih@ucsd.edu 
Hearing Conservation and Noise ehsih@ucsd.edu 
Holiday Decorating Guidelines Ext. 25706
Hot Work Ext. 46027 or 47513
Housing Inspections (student residential life) Ext. 47513 or 42212
Human Exposure Review Committee Ext. 41043 or 22494
Human Resources for EH&S Ext. 43088
IIPP ehs-training@ucsd.edu 
Indoor Environment Ext. 43660
Industrial Hygiene ehsih@ucsd.edu 
Infectious Waste Ext. 42753
Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Class Schedule ehs-training@ucsd.edu 
Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) ehs-training@ucsd.edu 
Injury, Accident, or Illness Reporting Ext. 42454
Institutional Biosafety Committee Ext. 22493 and ehsbio@ucsd.edu
Insurance and Liability Ext. 43820 or 44237
Lab Notes Newsletter Ext. 41954
Laboratory Relocation Guidelines Ext. 47651
Laboratory Safety Ext. 47651 or 21579
Laboratory Safety Audits Ext. 47651
Ladder and Lift Safety Ext. 47513
Laser Safety Ext. 22494 or 22850
Lawsuits: Summons and Complaints Ext. 42092
Lead-Based Paint Program ehsih@ucsd.edu
Lease Inspections Ext. 47513
Liability and Insurance Ext. 43820 or 44237
Litigation Ext. 42092
Lockout/ Tagout Ext. 47513
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Ext. 21579
Medical Center Safety Office (Hillcrest and Thornton) Ext. 77166
Medical Surveillance Ext. 48225
Mold ehsih@ucsd.edu 
My Research Safety Ext. 47651
Natural Gas Ext. 42930
(A&PS Customer Service Desk)
Occupational Health & Hygiene Services ehsih@ucsd.edu 
Occupational Health Nurse Ext. 48225
Odor Complaints Ext. 3660
Office Safety Ext. 47513
Oil Spill Prevention and Control  Ext. 46018 or 49745
Online Waste Tag Program (OTP) Ext. 42753
Organization Chart for EH&S Ext. 44335
PCBs Ext. 49695 or 46018
Payroll Issues Ext. 43088
Personal/ Work Safety Ext. 47513
Personal Protection Equipment ehsih@ucsd.edu 
Personnel Issues Ext. 43088
Pest Control Ext. 44534
Plan Reviews Ext. 47525 or 27870
Policy and Procedure 516 - PPMs for EH&S Ext. 44335
Policy on Health and Safety for UCSD – PPM 516-1 Ext. 44335
Pollution Prevention Ext. 49695 or 46018
Public Health Ext. 47513 or 45242
RAP (Research Assistance Program) Ext. 47651
RUA (Radiation Use Authorization) Ext. 22494
Radiation Safety Ext. 22494
Radiation Film Badges (Dosimetry) Ext. 46418
Radiation Risk Calculator Ext. 25526 or 41043
Radiation Safety Committee Ext. 22494
Radiation Safety Training Programs and Schedules Ext. 22494
Radioactive Waste Handling and Packaging Ext. 42753
Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) Ext. 22494
Radioactive Drug Research Committee Ext. 25526 or 41043
Recharge Statement Tool for EH&S Services Ext. 43088
Reclaimed Water Ext. 47513 or 45242
Recreation Facilities (Pools and Spas) Ext. 47513 or 45242
Refrigerants Ext. 49695 or 46018
Renovations and Alterations Ext. 25706 or 43659
Report a Safety Concern Ext. 47513
Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace Ext. 48225
Research Assistance Program (RAP) Ext. 47651
Research Safety Ext. 47651
Respiratory Protection Program ehsih@ucsd.edu 
Risk Management Ext. 42454 or 43782
Safety Award For Excellence (SAFE) Ext. 44335
Safety Committees Ext. 44335
Safety Coordinators ehs-training@ucsd.edu 
Safety Data Sheets  Ext. 21579 or 42698
Safety Training Programs ehs-training@ucsd.edu 
Sanitation Ext. 45242
Select Agents Ext. 22493 and ehsbio@ucsd.edu
Services Lab Ext. 46418
Sewer Disposal Ext. 42753
Sewer System Management Ext. 49695
Shipping Hazardous Materials (858) 534-7467, Ext. 244
Shop Safety Ext. 47513
Smoke Free Workplace Policy at UCSD PPM 270-7 Ext. 44115 (Human Resources)
Soils Management Policy and Ammunitions Awareness Program  Ext. 49745
Special Events Ext. 47513 or 42454
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan Ext. 49745 or 46018
Storm Drains and Water Ext. 46018 or 49695
Studio Safety Ext. 47513
Summons and Complaints Ext. 42092
Temporary Food Stand Permits Ext. 47513 or 45242
Thermal Comfort (temperature) Ext. 42930
(A&PS Customer Service Desk)
Trades Ext. 46027 or 47513
Training Programs ehs-training@ucsd.edu
Transitional Return to Work Program (TRWP) Ext. 26677
Underground and Above Ground Tanks Ext. 49745
UCSD's Emergency Management Plan Ext. 41064 or 43823
UCSD Policy on Environmental Health & Safety Ext. 44335
UCSD's Safety Committees Ext. 44335
Universal and Electronic Waste Disposal Ext. 42753
Vivarium Safety Ext. 46715
Waste Generator Number (WGN) Ext. 42753
Waste Collection Ext. 42753
Water Pollution Prevention Ext. 46018
Water Quality - Potable Ext. 47513; Environmental Ext. 46018
Web Page Contact/ Blink Ext. 41954
West Nile Virus Ext. 47513
Workers' Compensation Ext. 22979 or 44785
Workplace Inspections Administrative or Trades facilities
Ext. 47513
Research areas Ext. 47651
Zoonosis Ext. 48860

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