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Glacier Record Request

Learn how to request a Glacier record for an international visitor paid through UCPath.

About Glacier

  • Glacier helps determine how payments to international visitors are taxed
  • It determines residency status for federal tax purposes and tax treaty eligibility, both of which can significantly affect taxation of payments.
  • It's a third party system used by all University of California campuses.
  • UC San Diego has been using Glacier since 2008.
  • Only the employee can complete or update their Glacier record.



  • Employees will be taxed at the highest rate until they complete their Glacier record and submit their Glacier
    materials as Glacier directs.
  • The only way to add an employee to Glacier is by submitting a spreadsheet
  • Departments: Submit a spreadsheet listing every new or rehired employee who meets the conditions below.
  • We are not using the Glacier Record Request Form at this time.
  • Tracker and Onboarding are NOT forwarding Glacier information to Payroll. We hope to correct that soon.
  • Please include those with postdoc fellowship and postdoc paid-direct appointments, every if they are not receiving payment.

To qualify for a record in Glacier, an employee must NOT be:

  • U.S. citizen
  • Non‐citizen national of the U.S.
  • U.S. lawful permanent resident
  • A refugee or have asylum status
  • In the U.S. under DACA
  • A non‐resident working and living outside the U.S.

To request a Glacier record(s)

  • Complete a spreadsheet with the following columns and then email it to the UCSD Glacier & Taxation Team (
  • All fields are required and must match UCPath.
  • If you're not sure if he/she already has a Glacier record at UCSD, include them in the spreadsheet.Glacier will reject duplicates.
  • New Glacier clients will receive an email from Glacier ( containing access information and instructions. 
Pay cycle B or M Last name First name Middle name (if none leave blank) UCPath ID number UCSD email address

Postdoc Fellow or Paid Direct appointment? Y/N

Name of person submitting form Submitter's email address

Submitter's department


 Note: If the payment will not be entered in UCPath, please see Glacier: Tax Withholding for Foreign Individuals Payments.

Email the UCSD Glacier & TaxationTeam for more information.