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Factored Leave

Learn how Factored Leave affects leave accruals.

Beginning in February 2013, all non-academic UCSD employees began accruing leave based on a Factor Leave Accrual Table, rather than on a Monthly Leave Accrual Table. Factored leave accrual means that sick and vacation leave accruals are calculated based on a factor accrual rate. The factor accrual rates vary based on appointment accrual rate codes and leave type. The leave accrued in a given leave accrual period is determined by the actual number of hours on pay status in that leave accrual period, multiplied by the leave accrual factor rate. Although leave accruals rates will vary by month, there will be no change in the total number of hours accrued annually.

Leave accrual periods are as follows:

  • Monthly for employees who are paid once a month
  • Bi-weekly for employees who are paid every other week

The switch to factored leave is part of UC San Diego's efforts toward standardization with other UC campuses, part of UCPath.

Factored leave FAQ.

Project Team

Team Lead:
Sally Brainerd, Associate Controller, Business & Financial Services

Technical Lead:

Sally Brainerd
Arsenia Cruz, Associate Director, Payroll

Functional Lead:
Arsenia Cruz, Associate Director, Payroll

Team Members:
Paul Rodriguez, Associate Director, Payroll
George Gomez, Payroll Specialist

Resources and Tools

Use the Accrual Calculator (PDF) to determine your accruals.

The Leave Activity Report (LASR) will reflect this change for calculating the amount earned (accrual) beginning March 2013.

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