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Inquiries regarding payment from the Medical Centers please call (619) 543-3620. For information and resources regarding compensation to employees. 

Compensation processes include but are not limited to final wages, payroll check requests, retroactive pay adjustments, one-time and multiplication payments,inter-location payments, salary attachments and damage claim payments, and approval access to the EPET system. 

 The two types of timekeeping reporting for employees.

  1. Salary Roll Exception Time Reporting –
    • These employees report their exception time only, such as, but not limited to overtime, leave hours, paid holiday, and “other hours” in lieu of regular hours. 
    • Salary payments are generated based on the data entered into the Employee Data Base (EDB) through the Payroll Personnel System (PPS).
    • These are employees with distribution with sub account 0, 1, and 3.
  2. General Assistance Time Reporting –  
    • These employee must positively report all their time in either timekeeping or MTE.
    • Salary payments are generated based on the hours that are reported in timekeeping or MTE.
    • These are employees with distribution sub account 2.

Find the appropriate compensation team member in payroll contacts for additional information.