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  • Additional contact information:
    • Fax: (858) 534-8177
    • Mail Code: 0998
    • Location: 10280 N.Torrey Pines Road, Suite 415


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Name and contact information Areas of expertise
ipps icon Open Position
Manager, Travel & Entertainment
Contact for: Process and policy issues for travel and entertainment including MyTravel and MyEvents


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Kristin Atlantic
Operations Lead, Travel & Entertainment
7am - 3:30pm
(858) 534-0787

Contact for: Travel and Entertainment operational comments, questions and concerns.

Hi! I’m Kristin, the Operations Lead for our Travel and Entertainment Specialists. I oversee the new employee moves and transfer process. Feel free to contact me regarding questions, comments and/or concerns related to training opportunities, ASK inquiries and customer care.

chandra Chandra Bandril
Travel/Entertainment Specialist
7am - 3:30pm
(858) 534-6536
Contact for: MyTravel & MyPayments (Events) 
Hi. I audit MyPayments (Events) and MyTravel reimbursement claims. Feel free to contact me for assistance with reimbursements and policy guidance. If you have questions, we are here to help!
ipps logo Michele Del Signore
Travel Financial Analyst
6:30am - 3pm
(858) 534-0993
Contact for: Airfare & TEP reconciliations

Greetings! Contact me for assistance with MyTravel airfare advances and TEP reconciliations. I’m here to support you.
Nichole Garcia contact image Nichole Garcia
Travel/Entertainment Specialist
7:30am - 4pm
Contact for: MyTravel & MyPayments (Events) 
Greetings! Contact me for assistance and questions relating to your MyTravel or MyPayments (Events) claims.
Dawn McDevitt

Dawn McDevitt
Associate Director
Disbursements and Travel
(858) 822-1757

Contact for: Disbursements and Travel organization

I welcome your questions or feedback about our services, programs and teams.

kelsey Kelsey Moon
Connexxus Manager
6:30am - 5pm
(858) 534-2488
Contact for: Connexxus

Hello! I’m happy to help you and your travelers with all things Connexxus. Contact me if you need assistance with the Connexxus portal or if your department would like a customized presentation or Q&A session. Let Connexxus connect us!

Leah Negrete

Open Position
Travel Card Specialist                (858) 534-0798

Contact for: Travel & Event Planner corporate cards

 Sarah headshot

Sarah Salcedo
Travel/Entertainment Specialist
8am - 4:30pm
(858) 822-1528
Contact for: MyTravel & MyPayments (Events) 

Greetings! Contact me for assistance and questions relating to your MyTravel or MyPayments (Events) claims.
Chrissy Smith

Chrissy Smith
Manager, Travel Financial Team & Travel Card Programs
Mon - Thu
(858) 534-8419

Contact for: Travel Card Programs; Employee moves and transfers

I oversee the UC San Diego Travel Card Programs and Travel Financial Team. Feel free to drop me a line if you need assistance with any Travel Card situation.
triton logo Student Work Area
Traveler/Vendor Accounts
Part Time
Availability Varies
(858) 534-8516
Contact for: Traveler/Vendor Account Set Up and Maintenance
Contact us for questions about adding or changing a Traveler or Vendor account in MyTravel.
vanessa torres

Vanessa Torres
Travel/Entertainment Specialist
7am - 3:30pm
(858) 534-0916

Contact for: MyTravel & MyPayments (Events) 

Hi, I'm Vanessa. Contact me for questions relating to MyTravel claims or MyPayments (Events) claims.

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