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Payment Compass

Learn more about a new self-service website being developed by Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions (IPPS) that will simplify the way payees do business with UC San Diego.

Payment Compass is available to external payees and the campus community. Learn more about the website below.

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What does Payment Compass do?

The first phase of Payment Compass allows campus and payees to check the status of payments, including:

  • A list of all invoices IPPS has received, and where each invoice is in the approval process
  • Details for any payments that have been issued (including Payment Date, Payment Number, and Payment Amount)

The first phase also offers a streamlined payee registration process for Marketplace.

The second phase of Payment Compass will streamline the process by which payees register to do business with UC San Diego, including:

  • A single registration process for all payee types to replace the separate registration processes currently in place for Marketplace, MyPayments, and MyTravel
    • The registration process will include a dynamic form for all payee types 

Who is a Payee?

A payee is anyone who receives non-payroll payments or reimbursements such as a supplier, guest lecturer, performer, or an employee or affiliate who is traveling on behalf of the university.

Payment Compass Team

Nikki Giaquinta Project Manager
Erika Morris Business Analyst
Ana Portlock Change Management Analyst
Heather Vinograd Business Owner
Faye McCullough Project Executive Sponsor
Dawn McDevitt Project Sponsor
Martin Krolik Technical Project Manager 
JJ Li Technical Project Manager 
Santhosh Selvaraj Technical Project Manager 
Jon Heinlein  Business Contracts SME
Laura Blankenship Business Contracts SME
Todd Adams Strategic Procurement SME
Linda Luna Strategic Procurement SME
Kelsey Moon Travel and Entertainment SME
Chrissy Smith Travel and Entertainment SME
Robin Alcalay Payment Request SME
Elisa Mayer IFIS SME
Heather Rutkowski IFIS SME
Monica Menedez Payment Services SME
Yvonne Grobe Accounts Payable SME
Anthony Singleton Small Business Diversity Classifications SME

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