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Logistics 2.0 Carbon Neutral Last-Mile Delivery

As technology, customer expectation, and the university evolve, Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions (IPPS) Logistics is taking steps to adapt to the changing environment and align with the long-range strategic plans of campus and health systems. Our goal is to integrate processes and technologies to provide a robust and sustainable same-day model that will meet or exceed the expected service level of campus clients.

Last Mile Delivery

To support the university’s long-range development plan the Logistics 2.0 initiative will focus on the evolution of our ‘last mile’ delivery infrastructure
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Objectives & Expected Outcomes

Align with Carbon Neutral Initiative Unification Self-Supporting  People Focus Partnerships
100% Carbon Neutral Fleet Unified Technology Generate $500K   Talent Management Strategy Top 20 Suppliers
Use Sustainable, Renewable Energy Integration of Process Resources Staff Readiness
Lower the Cost of Ownership Same Day Delivery


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Unified Technology

In partnership with the IPPS Technology Team, UC San Diego Logistics has launched new package tracking software and developed a one-stop-shop Logistics Portal (SSO login) with enhanced tools that will provide a better experience for campus clients.


  • Increased package visibility
  • Enhanced package tracking
  • Digitized pickup requests via handhelds
  • Ability to email images of delivered items
  • Increase annual cost savings by $16,250
  • Access to all Logistics services in one place

Align with Carbon Neutral Initiative

To meet the UC 2025 Carbon Neutrality Initiative, Logistics is transforming the distribution fleet to be 100% electric.

In 2019 Logistics worked with several vendors, tested various electric vehicles, and implemented a 16-foot electric Mitsubishi Fuso box truck and are in negotiations on leasing a Chanje electric van. From 2020 to 2023 Logistics will be replacing two carbon-emitting vehicles with electric distribution vehicles per year. When complete, Logistics will have eliminated 60 tons of carbon output per year and have the first 100% carbon neutral last-mile delivery in higher education. Additionally, Logistics is working with UC San Diego Transportation on Micro mobility distribution options and will be implementing electric bicycle delivery by May 2020.

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