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Rapid Process Redesign II Group Members

The Rapid Process Redesign (RPR) II Group represented many academic and central service departments. The group identified opportunities for potential cost and workload savings and improved efficiency of core campus business processes.

RPRII Group Members

Member Department
Ann Addo Resource Management
Karen Andrews Physics
Steve Benedict Environment, Health & Safety
Doug Bennett Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Mike Bloom Psychiatry
Dawn Buttrell Student Affairs
Jennifer Davis Integrative Oceanography
Jason DeFray Research Affairs
Ron Espiritu School of Medicine
Wayne Farquharson Institute of Geophysics & Planetary Physics
Kathy Farrelly SVCAA
Mariann Generales Research Affairs
Lori Guardiano Research Affairs
Elazar Harel Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT)
Nancy Hartley Mathematics
Gene Hasegawa School of Medicine
John Hughes Student Life
Christine Hurley Institutional Research
Brenda Jaleel Environment, Health & Safety
Judy Johnson Business & External Relations
Russell King External Relations
Don Larson BFS-Controller
Tom Leet Human Resources
Jenni Leibman Human Resources
Lin Majors School of Medicine
Debbie McGraw Academic Affairs
Mercedes Munoz Campus Budget Office
Laura Osante Staff Support, BFS-Controller
Stan Ostaszewski Staff Support, BFS-Controller
Steve Relyea Business & External Relations
Debbie Rico Facilitator - BFS-Controller
Gail Robotta External Relations
Ray Rodriguez HR-Compensation
Steve Ross Jacobs School of Engineering
Marlene Shaver External Relations
Ed Spriggs Student Affairs
Michael Yates Human Resources