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Rapid Process Redesign Project I (2003)

The Rapid Process Redesign (RPR) project quickly worked to identify, analyze, and redesign business processes that had potential for labor and cost savings.


Representatives from selected academic and central service departments began meeting in December 2002 to identify core administrative processes as candidates for streamlining and cost savings.


The Rapid Process Redesign (RPR) project group initially identified 34 potential opportunities for significant cost or workload improvements in campus administrative processes. The group chose to focus first on these:

  • Effort reporting (PAR forms)
  • Entertainment
  • FinancialLink development
  • Financial reconciliation (PWRuP)
  • Invoice approvals
  • Job descriptions
  • Leave Activity Summary Reports (LASRs)
  • Paper use and disposition
  • Payroll Expense Transfers (PETs)
  • Recruitment
  • Travel


In January 2003, charge components for each of the 11 areas were developed, tiger team members and leaders were identified, and criteria for evaluation were outlined.

Tiger teams presented findings to the RPR group in January 2003, with eight of the original 11 areas targeted for process changes by July 1, 2003. The three remaining areas required additional evaluation.


The RPR group considered its mission fulfilled on Aug. 30, 2003, as the tiger teams completed their recommendations.