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Rapid Process Redesign I Group Members

The Rapid Process Redesign (RPR) Group, representing many academic and central service departments, identified core business processes that could be streamlined for cost savings.

Members of the RPR Group are:
Member Department
Karen Andrews Physics
Marty Backer Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT)
Stephanie Burke Audit & Management Advisory Services
Jan Cox Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jennifer Davis Integrative Oceanography Division
Thomas Leet Human Resources
Dan Gilbreath Business & Financial Services (BFS) - Office of Post Award Financial Services
Elazar Harel ACT
Cynthia Harrison Housing & Dining Services
Nancy Hartley Mathematics
Josie Hollinger Student Affairs
Nick Johnston BFS - Controller's Office
Marissa Jolstead University Extension
Don Larson BFS - Controller's Office
Steve Lopez Cellular & Molecular Medicine
Andrina Marshall School of Pharmacy
Debbie McGraw Academic Affairs
Laura Osante Staff Support, BFS - Controller's Office
Steve Relyea Business Affairs
Debbie Rico Facilitator, BFS - Controller's Office
Carole Ring Political Science
David Sakai Health Sciences