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Confined Space Program

Learn about the policies and procedures governing confined space entry at UC San Diego.

UCSD Confined Space Program

Confined space entry is strictly regulated in California. UCSD's Confined Space Program protects employees who may enter a confined space (as defined by Cal/OSHA) while performing their job duties.


Worker preparing to enter a confined space A confined space has ALL of the following characteristics:

  • It is large enough for an employee to enter and perform assigned work.
  • It has limited or restricted means for entry or exit (for example, tanks, vessels, silos, storage bins, hoppers, vaults, and pits).
  • It is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.


Supervisors overseeing confined space work and the employees who enter or provide support to co-workers in confined spaces must:

  • Follow policy and procedures described in the UCSD Confined Space Program (PDF)
  • Attend a training class prior to work
  • Attend annual refresher training


Learn about confined space training for UCSD employees who may encounter a confined space in the course of their work.



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