If an agency is not listed below, please contact Frank Truong, Director, ftruong@ucsd.edu
Agency assignments for Scripps Institution of Oceanography OCGA:

Judy Cheng:      


State of California - Backup: Elizabeth Meier
Sea Grant (State of California Funding) - Backup:  William Park III
Local Government, Municipalities, and Municipal Agencies - Backup: Elizabeth Meier
U.S. State Governments - Backup: Elizabeth Meier
U.S. Universities (including WHOI) - Backup:  Travis Dadigian
U.S. University Flow-Through (except FDP with NSF and NASA Prime) - Backup: Travis Dadigian
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Backup: Travis Dadigian
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL) - Backup: William Park III
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) - Backup: William Park III
Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) - Backup: William Park III
Sandia National Laboratory - Backup: William Park III
UT Battelle - Backup: William Park III


Travis Dadigian

Department of Defense Contracts, Delivery Order Agreements, and Other Transactions - Backup: Frank Truong

Department of State - Backup: 
Industry flow-through - Backup: Frank Truong
IRIS, UCAR, UNAVCO - Backup: Elizabeth Meier
Sales and Service Agreements - Backup: Judy Cheng and Frank Truong
Unfunded Collaboration Agreements (domestic) - Backup: Frank Truong
Non-Disclosure Agreements - Backup: Elizabeth Meier
Memorandum of Understanding (domestic and foreign) - Backup: Elizabeth Meier
Charter Party Agreements (incoming and outgoing) Backup: Frank Truong


Anja Engledow

Office of Naval Research Grants (ONR) - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
Air Force Grants - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
Air Force Cooperative Agreements - Backup: Travis Dadigian
Army Grants - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
Army Cooperative Agreements - Backup: Travis Dadigian
Misc. Navy and Department of Defense (DOD) Grants - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
Seafloor Electromagnetics Methods Consortium (SEMC) - Backup: Frank Truong 

Cherry Grihalva:

National Science Foundation (NSF) - Backup: William Park III
National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) - Backup: William Park III
U.S. University Flow-Through (FDP with NSF or NASA Prime) - Backup: Judy Cheng
USC Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) - Backup:  Judy Cheng
Columbia University International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) - Backup: Elizabeth Meier
UC Programs  - Backup Elizabeth Meier
UC Mexus - Backup Elizabeth Meier
Incoming UC Multiple Campus Agreements - Backup:  Elizabeth Meier
Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) - Backup:  Elizabeth Meier 
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) - Backup:  Frank Truong
Binational Science Foundation (BSF) - Backup: Frank Truong
Inter-American Institute for Global Change (IAI) - Backup: Frank Truong


Elizabeth Meier:

Private Non-Profits and Interest Groups - Backup: Judy Cheng

Foreign University Contracts - Backup:  Frank Truong
National Institutes of Health - Backup: Travis Dadigian
European Union, including Marie Curie fellowships, and foreign non-profits - Backup: Frank Truong​
USAID - Backup: Travis Dadigian
Data Use Agreements - Backup: Judy Cheng 
Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and Collaboration Agreements with MTA terms - Backup: Judy Cheng

William Park III:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
Cooperative Institute for Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Systems (CIMEAS) - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
Sea Grant (Federal Funding) - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
Department of Energy (DOE) - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
United States Department of the Interior (USDI) - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
United States Geological Survey (USGS) - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
Forest Service - Backup: Cherry Grihalva
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)- Backup: Cherry Grihalva
ESR Marine Sciences representative

Frank Truong:

Domestic Industry Contracts/Agreements - Backup: Travis Dadigian
Foreign Government and Industry (excluding SEMC and JAXA)- Backup: Elizabeth Meier
Domestic and Foreign Visitor Agreements (including intellectual property agreements) - Backup: Elizabeth Meier
Unfunded Collaboration Agreements (foreign) - Backup: Travis Dadigian
Equipment Loan Agreements - Backup: Elizabeth Meier
Miscellaneous Agreements - (CalCOFI MOU, Tuna Commission Agreement, NOAA CIMEC MOU, NOAA Seawater Agreement, Lunar Sample Agreements) - Backup: Travis Dadigian
Homeland Security - Backup: Travis Dadigian
Special Projects/lead on major project proposals/award negotiations - Backup: Travis Dadigian


Shan Poon - Business Intelligence Analyst (Under SIO-IT)

Kuali Research Data Administrator
Proposal and Award Data Analysis and Reporting
Closeout/Patent Report Coordinator
Contract and Grant Support/Information Resource


June 2023