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Research Ramp Up Resources

Resources regarding research activity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Newest Updates


Important updates to Human Research Subjects Guidelines section of Research Ramp-Up website

Please note that there are some important updates to the Human Subjects Guidelines of the Research Ramp-Up website. Please view them here:


Simplification of Research Ramp Up Procedures Starting 3/21/22

As UC San Diego continues to return to more normal levels of operation, in response to lower transmission rates and significantly declining case positivity rates on campus, Research Ramp Up procedures for researchers have been simplified as of March 21, 2022. As of that date, researchers are no longer required to submit Research Ramp Up plans to the Office of Research Affairs.

Research activities must continue to follow all campus guidelines and best practices to reduce COVID exposure. Booster vaccinations remain of utmost importance. As announced by the Chancellor last week, masking is now optional except in indoor classroom/instructional settings, clinical areas, and on Triton/university transportation. Those working in research facilities outside of clinical areas are not required to wear masks. However, masking is encouraged as it remains one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the spread of the virus.

This Research Ramp Up web site will remain available as a resource and reference for the research community. The Return to Learn web site continues to provide the latest information on the full range of campus guidelines. See this Campus Memo from VCR Peek-Asa for full details.



An On-Campus Checklist has been created online with key information that students and campus employees need to know before returning to in-person learning, teaching and working.

Past Updates


  • As part of our campus safety plan, UC San Diego continues to test for the presence of COVID-19 in wastewater and through other measures. If you receive a notification that COVID-19 virus has been detected in your building, please get tested--even if you are fully vaccinated. Visit the Return to Learn website to learn more about testing locations on campus.
  • As researchers, you know how critical it is to remain vigilant in keeping our labs and personnel healthy. With this in mind, please make sure you and your staff are compliant with the UC San Diego vaccination requirement and that you continue to:
  1. screen daily for symptoms / exposure. You can now download a Visitor Symptom Screening Checklist here (PDF); 
  2. adhere to latest masking guidelines;
  3. follow latest testing and screening guidelines;
  4. consider adding the confidential exposure notification app, CA COVID Notify, to your mobile device

Forms / Resources / Quick Links

Please visit our "Quick Links and Forms" page for links, forms and downloads for the following:

  • Quick Links
  • Signage
  • Research Volunteer, Patient and Visitor Screening Information and Forms
  • Training and Education Forms


Vice Chancellor and UCOP Guidance

A link to campus announcements from the Vice Chancellor for Research regarding research during COVID-19:

A link to campus announcements from the UC Vice President for Research & Innovation regarding research during COVID-19:

As a reminder, the best places for current information regarding UC San Diego and COVID-19 are:

Research Town Halls

The Vice Chancellor for Research will periodically host virtual town halls for UC San Diego faculty and staff.

View videos and slide presentations for Research Town Halls from the following dates:

To view faculty and research town hall since May 2021, please visit the Return to Learn website.

To view research town halls before May 2021, please visit our SharePoint site. Active Directory sign-on required. Use your login, not or

You can also learn about upcoming virtual "grand rounds" and view past sessions from UC San Diego Health by visiting their website.


Ongoing changes and updates to international travel, immigration, and entry policies in response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic may raise questions and concerns in our international community. Our commitment to supporting our international students and scholars on campus remains strong and steadfast. Visit this link for more information on Recent Immigration Policy Updates

UC San Diego's interim Travel Policy Related to the Coronavirus Outbreak has been rescinded and all UC San Diego employees are directed to follow the CDC Guidance before, during and upon return from travel. You may also refer to the U.S. State Department's travel webpage dedicated to "COVID-19 Traveler Information" for guidance on international travel.

Read more about UC San Diego's travel policy and guidance on the Return to Learn website.

COVID-19 Testing, Contact Tracing, and Decontamination Procedures

UC San Diego has scaled up symptomatic and asymptomatic testing efforts through the Return to Learn program. The goal is to improve the health and safety of our campus community by quickly identifying and containing any potential outbreaks of COVID-19.

While these efforts are critical to improving the health and safety of our community, the situation with COVID-19 continues to change. We will continue to adapt our response to integrate the most up-to-date science, which will require significant flexibility from all of us. Read more about testing and screening on the Return to Learn website.

If through this program or testing elsewhere you or a member of your research team tests positive for COVID-19, immediately inform the Emergency Operations Center ( so that contact tracing and facility decontamination can be initiated according to appropriate protocols. The PI should not inform anyone else about another individual’s health status or possible infection. EOC and other offices on campus will respect individual confidentiality when conducting contact tracing.

A lab member’s positive test result may require short-term closure of research space in order for the EOC and EH&S to complete a review of the COVID positive case and an assessment of the locations where the COVID-19-positive person spent time. The scope and timeline for enhanced cleaning will be based on the risk of potential contamination and the type of research taking place. EH&S will coordinate closely with the department and PI to determine the appropriate cleaning procedure to limit the impact to the research areas. Access to research and common spaces may be restricted for a limited time to allow for our campus cleaning team or an outside vendor to respond. Cleaning will typically occur on the same day or evening of the notification.

If you are a graduate student or postdoctoral scholar, please review this decision tree to determine your testing requirements.
If you need help or have questions about research ramp-up procedures, please email