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Links to training videos, quick guides, step-by-step instructions, and archived monthly tips.

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The following videos provide training for interacting with different parts of the EPD system.

EPD Copy a Proposal: This short video demonstrates the benefits of copying a proposal to create a new EPD record.

EPD Review and Approval: Intended for MSOs and Chairs named on a proposal that is being processed through EPD. This video will teach how to approve proposal records electronically. 

EPD PI Certification and Approval: Intended for PIs and Co-PIs who are named on a proposal being processed through EPD. This video will instruct how to approve and certify records electronically as a PI. 

EPD My Dashboard Training: Intended for anyone interacting with the EPD system. This video will instruct how to utilize the EPD My Dashboard to organize, filter and sort workflow and action items. 

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