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EPD Upload Attachments

The 'Upload Attachments' link is located in the left navigation of any proposal.

This section is where all proposal attachments can be uploaded.  Upload ALL proposal related documents under this tab.  

  • Narratives
  • Pi Exception Documentation
  • Budget Documents
  • Complete Proposal Application
  • Cost Sharing Documentation
  • Subrecipient Documentation
  • Internal and Sponsor Correspondence
  • Solicitation
  • Other Sponsor Attachments (non S2S submissions)
  • Offline Approvals
  • Other Internal Documentation
  • Compliance Documentation

Depending on fields entered into the General Information, Questionnaires and Key Persons/Investigators, different attachments will be required to be uploaded prior to routing.  While attachments cannot be created after routing, documents can be switched in out of the record after the proposal has been submitted for approval. 

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