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Current Locks (Proposal Lock)

The 'Current Locks' link in the top right corner will enable the record to be unlocked locally. Only one user can have a record open for editing at once. There are two reason that a proposal will be in a locked status:

  1. Local Lock – you forgot to click ‘Log Out’ before closing your browser and have therefore ‘Locked’ yourself out of the proposal.
  2. Administrative Lock – someone else is currently working on the proposal at the same time you have tried to access it.

For the Local Lock: To unlock the proposal click ‘Current Locks’ and then click ‘Unlock’ – you may have more than one line to unlock – be sure to ‘Unlock’ each line in order to fully unlock your proposal.

For an Administrative Lock: If someone else has locked the proposal, you will receive a message stating who has the proposal locked. You can either contact the person directly to have them exit the proposal or contact the ERAP Help Desk to unlock the proposal for you.

My Proposals

Once you have selected ‘My Proposals’ you will be directed to the main Proposal Development screen used for managing and creating proposals.  You will  be automatically directed to the ‘Proposals in Progress’ view.  There are a couple of different ways to view the proposals in your dashboard. 

  • My Proposals: this view displays proposals currently ‘In Progress’, ‘Approval in Progress’, ‘Rejected’, and ‘Recalled’.
  • All proposals: shows all the proposals in your dashboard regardless of status.

The proposal search is another way to find records based on search criteria (all records pertaining to a specific PI, Fund Manager, Sponsor, etc).

My Dashboard

Changes are here...ePD 1.4

EPD has been adopted by over half of UC San Diego’s proposal submitting departments (55%). The most recent release of EPD went live November 23rd and includes a new ‘My Dashboard’ feature that enhances the management and organization of proposals. The interactive dashboard provides benefits for all EPD users, empowering them to:

  • View all proposal activity in their department(s)
  • Sort and Filter on various criteria
  • Easily transition between the dashboard and EPD records
  • Export data to Excel


Vice Chancellor for Research Sandra Brown is excited to sponsor this new tool. 

"The development and implementation of the EPD Dashboard is a truly collaborative effort, where staff representing multiple pre-award sponsored projects offices, academic units, ITS, and ERAP worked together to create a tool to provide automated status of in-progress and submitted sponsored research proposals to all levels of the organization,” she said. 

“As funding for sponsored research has become more competitive, any tool that supports our faculty in the critical tasks of developing, preparing and submitting proposals and applications contributes to UC San Diego’s research-focused and service-oriented mission.”

Learn more

To learn more about the ‘My Dashboard’ feature in EPD and how you can use it to manage your proposals, watch this short training video (7 mins 20 secs):

New features and enhancements to the dashboard will continue to be added to improve the experience and make it a more powerful tool for managing proposal activity.  

To learn more about the Electronic Research Administration Program and our projects, visit ERAP.

Proposal Search

The Proposal Search function you to search and retrieve proposals by entering in specific search criteria from the record.

Be sure to include a ‘*’ on either side of the search values for each field (this is a wildcard operator that will help collect the record values you are looking for).

The proposal contains the following search fields:

  • Proposal Number - Number automatically assigned by EPD Lite System once a proposal record is created.
  • Proposal Type - The type of proposal indicated in the proposal record
  • Status - The current state of the proposal:
    • In Progress - A proposal has been started but has not been routed for approval yet and the record is still open for editing at this time, documents can be added, removed and replaced.
    • Approval In Progress - A proposal is in approval routing, is waiting for approval and the record is closed for editing at this time, however existing documents can be replaced.
    • Recalled - A proposal has been recalled by the person who created the proposal (Aggregator) and is open for editing, documents can be added, removed and replaced.
    • Rejected - A proposal has been rejected by an approver because there required changes and the record for is open for editing, documents can be added, removed and replaced.
    • Submitted - A proposal has been submitted to the sponsor, an Institute Proposal record has been created and the EPD record is now permanently closed for editing and no further changes to the record or documents can be made.
  • Deadline Date - The date that the proposal record needs to be received by the sponsor or postmarked.  This field can be filled out with the date format mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Investigator - The name of a PI or Co-PI listed on a proposal record.
  • Aggregator - The Fund Manager or aggregator listed on the proposal record.
  • Unit Number - The department number associated with the proposal.
  • Unit Name - The department name associated with the proposal.
  • Title - The name of proposal record.
  • Sponsor Code - The code for the sponsor associated with the record.
  • Sponsor Name - The name of the sponsor associated with the record.  


Takes you into the message ‘Inbox’ where you can manage your actions.

  • Unresolved Messages
  • Resolved Messages
  • Proposal Search

Please note that the ‘From’ field refers to the last person that took action on the proposal, not the person who sent the message.

Messages that do not require action will be remain in your ‘Unresolved’ messages until you select the message to be moved to the ‘Resolved’ messages section.

Logout/ Login

Business systems login will be utilized for EPD. The Logout button is located in the top bar menu on any page. 

Log In:

  1. To access the EPD system, go to epd.ucsd.edu/coeus
  2. Once you are direct to the login screen, use your business systems account username to ‘Login’ to the system. If you do not know your business systems account username, visit Blink for information on Getting and Changing UCSD Passwords.

Log Out:

  1. To log out of the system click ‘Log Out’ on the menu under the EPD banner. Log out after each use and before closing the browser

*Note: if you have not been onboarded to the EPD system, you will not have access to login (for all users except PIs and Co-PIs).

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