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The 'Others' link is located in the left navigation of any proposal.

The ‘Others’ tab is where you can complete UCSD specific information regarding the proposal such as the ‘Copy Index Number,’ ‘UCSD Org Code’ and select the ‘UCSD Proposal Type.’ Type information directly in the free form fields or where available use the ‘Search’ function to look up and/or select the content for the field or to simply select the entry from the ‘Search’ menu. ‘UCSD ORG Code’ and ‘UCSD Proposal Type’ are mandatory in order to complete this screen and in order to submit the proposal for approval.

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Copy Index Number

Index number that should be used to charge copies to.

OCGA Analyst

This is for proposal routed through OCGA.  Once a record is created, the OCGA central office will input the analyst that will be assigned to the record.

Organization Code

Is the six-digit IFIS (Integrated Financial Information System) code used to connect the proposal to the functional units within a department.  Individual departments may have more than one organization code, depending on the functions performed by the department and can be searched for using the number or name of the organization.

UCSD Proposal Type

Used to indicate UC San Diego specific proposals that require applicable compliance approvals before the proposal can be finalized and submitted.

Types of UCSD specific proposal types:

  • Transfer Proposal:  A proposal that is prepared for an award that has been transferred from another institution to UCSD, when a Principal Investigator has left the transferring institution and been given an appointment at UCSD. Enter as a "New" proposal on the General Info tab.
  • Internal Proposal:  Proposals that are required by UCSD when funding is received from a sponsor and either the sponsor does not require an official proposal or the Principal Investigator mistakenly did not submit via the Central Office Analyst. Enter as a "New" proposal on the General Info tab. 
  • NIH Minority Supplement: A non-competitive proposal requesting supplemental funds for a current project to support minority students.
  • Supplement (other than NIH Minority): A proposal requesting supplemental funds for a current project and which may or may not compete with other proposals for available funding.
  • N/A: None of the above

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