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Salary and Fringe Benefits for SIO Appointments

Get information on SIO salary and fringe benefits.

Salaries and wages are requested for those individuals who provide effort to the project who are UCSD employees or are proposed to be UCSD employees. They may include faculty, staff, visiting scholars, graduate and undergraduate students.

PPM 300-40 discusses Labor Clearing Accounts (see Section B.3). At Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), MSO's annually review and set a salary recharge rate for academics, staff, and students. The recharge rate includes salary, benefits, and downtime factors such as; holidays, vacation, sick leave, jury duty, and military leave, if applicable.

Salary projections are based on productive hours. When preparing a proposal, only productive hours are costed, which means full-time effort, 12 months at 100%, on a project is budgeted at approximately 11.4 months at 100%. Keep in mind that the number of months varies by individual, but at the minimum holidays are excluded for the downtime factor.

Salary recharge rates are updated annually in July by Business Officers.