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Research Continuity Forms

Research labs and groups can download the forms below to help plan for continuity of research during a crisis.

Submit completed forms to your Chair and Dean (Division Leader and Department Chair in Health Sciences, Division Chair and Director in SIO). Faculty appointed in more than one department should submit the completed forms to all chairs of their departments and cognizant deans to which they are appointed for review. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • All of my work will be remote. Do I still have to submit these forms?
    • For those researchers moving all of their work off-site, it will be important both for the university to know that they have done so and to know whom to contact in an emergency. Since other offices are relying on these forms for those purposes, we asked every researcher/lab/unit to complete them. Please ensure that your unit (school, division, etc.) has your lab’s emergency contact information, and confirm that they are aware you are moving to fully remote research.
  • Can we update the forms after we have submitted?
    • Yes. Updates also need the same level of review, but once fully reviewed, will be uploaded in the same way that the originals were. Please submit to the person(s) to whom you submitted originally.
  • Is it okay if I submit these after the deadline?
    • We know that this is a difficult time for all, and that some things may be delayed. That said, given the need for full university compliance with CDC guidelines to protect everyone’s health, the forms should be finished, reviewed, and uploaded as soon as possible.