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Contract and Grant FAQs

Five issues that every researcher should be prepared to address:

  1. OMB issued a memorandum providing federal agencies with additional flexibilities for grants to allow for COVID-19-related reimbursements, such as allowing administrative leave, other sick leave and vacation accruals to be charged against federal grants during the current COVID-19 crisis. Read the memorandum here. Variances to the OMB guidance will be regularly updated.
  2. Supplemental funding may be made available by agencies to cover some of the unexpected costs related to the COVID-19 emergency.
  3. All expenses related to COVID-19 should be tracked closely to facilitate the process of applying for supplements when they are made available. 
  4. Grant budgets must be carefully managed, even with unanticipated expenses, to ensure that researchers do not overspend on existing grant budgets. It is not clear what portion of unanticipated expenses will be covered through supplements, nor do we anticipate other sources of funding (internal or external) for such expenses.
  5. PI’s are encouraged to contact agency program managers as soon as possible, by phone and in writing, to ensure they are fully aware of the challenges and likely costs to grants for which PIs will require supplemental funding.
If you need help or have questions about sponsored research, please email