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ORA - ORU Roster and Contacts

See a roster and contact information for Organized Research Units (ORUs) at UC San Diego.

Organized Research Units Director Website
IGCC - Institute on Global Conflict & Cooperation Tai Ming Cheung
IGPP - Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics Steven Constable
General Campus    
BCI - BioCircuits Institute Jeff Hasty
Calit2 /Qualcomm Institute - California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology-UCSD Division

Ramesh Rao/ 
Larry Smarr 
    *CCAS - Center for Cyber-Archaeology and Sustainability (see Social Sciences) Thomas E Levy
    *CISA3 - Center of Interdisciplinary Science for Art, Architecture and Archeology  Falko Kuester
    *CITA - Center for Information Theory and Its Applications Alon Orlitsky  
    *CREL-Center for Research in Entertainment and Learning Shlomo Dubnov
CASS - Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences  George Fuller
CCB - Center for Circadian Biology  Susan Golden
CCIS - Center for Comparative Immigration Studies  John Skrentny/
David Fitzgerald
CDDI - Center for Drug Discovery Innovation Michael K. Gilson/ Thomas Hermann
CER - Center for Energy Research  Farhat Beg 
    *Center of Excellence for Renewable Resources and Integration Jan Kleissl/
Carlos Coimbra
CGJ - Center on Global Justice Fonna Forman/
Gerry Mackie
CHD - Center for Human Development  Terry Jernigan
CILAS - Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies David Mares 
CMRR - Center for Memory and Recording Research Eric Fullerton  
    *CNGDM-Center for Next Generation Digital Media Sheldon Brown  
CRL - Center for Research in Language Marta Kutas 
FF-21 - Food and Fuel for the 21st Century Stephen Mayfield/ Julian Schroeder
    *Cal-CAB - California Center for Algae Biotechnology Stephen Mayfield
IEM - Institute of Engineering in Medicine Shu Chien
    *BMTEC-Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Center Shaochen Chen/
Kang Zhang
    *BTC-Biophotonics Technology Center

Michael Berns/
David Hall
    *CANE-Center for Advanced Neurological Engineering (see INC) William Mobley
    *CBSEC-Cardiac Biomedical Science and Engineering Center Sylvia Evans/
Kirk Knowlton/
Andrew McCulloch
   *CEC-Center for Engineering in Cancer Stephen Howell/ Liangfang Zhang
   *CED-Center for Engineering in Diabetes David Gough/
Maike Sander
    *CMDI-Center for Medical Device Technology Juan Lasheras
    *CMSA-Center for Mobile-health Systems and Applications Kevin Patrick/
Joseph Wang
    *CMSR-Center for Musculoskeletal Research Ju Chen/
Robert Sah/
Samuel Ward
    *CNME-Center on Nano-Medicine and Engineering  Adah Almutairi/ Ratneshwar Lal

    *VEC-Vaccine Engineering Center Klaus Ley/
Victor Nizet
    *Whitaker Center for Biomedical Engineering John Watson
INC - Institute for Neural Computation Terrence Sejnowski/ Gert Cauwenberghs
    *CANE-Center for Advanced Neurological Engineering (see IEM) Tzyy-Ping Jung 
    * The Science Collaboratory (TSC) Roger Bingham
KIBM - Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind Ed Callaway/
Yishi Jin 
SDSC - San Diego Supercomputer Center Michael Norman 
School of Medicine    
ARI - AIDS Research Institute  Douglas Richman 
CARTA - Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny Ajit Varki/
Fred H. Gage/ Margaret Schoeninger
CTRI - Clinical and Translational Research Institute Gary Firestein
CRBS - Center for Research in Biological Systems Mark Ellisman 
GRTC - Glycobiology Research and Training Center Ajit Varki/
Jeffrey Esko
IGM - Institute for Genomic Medicine Kelly Frazer
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Scott Lippman
SIRA - Stein Institute for Research on Aging Dilip Jeste
Scripps Institution of Oceanography    
Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography (CASPO) Research Division Teresa Chereskin
Center for Marine Biotechnology and Biomedicine  William Gerwick
Geosciences Research Division  Lihini Aluwuhare
Integrative Oceanography Division  Michael Landry
Marine Biology Research Division  Mark Hildebrand
Marine Physical Laboratory  William Kuperman

Non-ORU Centers

School of Medicine    
Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC) Douglas Galasko/ Edward Koo
Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Karen Messer 
California NeuroAIDS Tissue Network Igor Grant
Center for AIDS Research  Douglas Richman
Center for Community Health  Sheila Gahaga​n
Center for Neural Circuits and Behavior Anirvan Ghosh/
William Mobley
CIHED – Center for Investigations of Health and Education Disparities Antonio DeMaio/ 
Ross Frank 
CPM - Center for Pain Medicine  Mark S. Wallace
HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center  Robert K. Heaton
Howard Hughes Medical Institute  Robert Tjian
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, San Diego Branch  Richard Kolodner
Scripps Institution of Oceanography  
CCE-LTER - California Current Ecosystem-Long Term Ecological Research  Mark Ohman
CalCOFI - California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigation   Brice Semmens 
CNAP - California Nevada Applications Program Daniel Cayan 
CAICE - Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment  Kimberly Prather 
CCCIA - Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation   Mark Merrifield
CMBC - Center for Marine Biodiversity & Conservation  Stuart Sandin
CW3E - Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes  F. Marty Ralph
Cooperative Institute for Marine Ecosystems and Climate  Bruce Cornuelle
SCMA - Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology  John Hildebrand/ Thomas Levy
Arts & Humanities  
CHS - Center for Hellenic Studies Denise Demetriou
IPE - Institute for Practical Ethics Craig Callender/ John Evans
CaliBaja Center for Resilient Materials and Systems Olivia Graeve
CENI - Center for Engineered Natural Intelligence  Gabriel Silvia
CEER - Center for Extreme Events Research J.C. Chen
CHO Systems Biology Center Bernhard Palsson
Center for Microbiome Innovation Rob Knight
CWC - The Center for Wireless Communications  Sujit Dey
Charles Lee Powell Structural Research Laboratories Gil Hegemier
CNS - Center for Networked Systems Stefan Savage 
Cymer Center for Control Systems and Dynamics Miroslav Krstic
Contextual Robotics Institute Henrik Christensen
CVC - Center for Visual Computing Ravi Ramamoorthi
CWS - Center for Wearable Sensors Joseph Wang/ Patrick Mercier
Deep Decarbonization Initiative David Victor/  George Tynan
ITA - Information Theory and Applications Center
IGE - Institute for the Global Entrepreneur        - Dele Von Liebig Center                               - Gordon Center Sujit Dey
SPE - Sustainable Power and Energy Center Shirley Meng
School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS) [formerly International Relations and Pacific Studies]  
USMEX - Center for U.S. Mexican Studies Melissa Floca
EmPac - Center on Emerging and Pacific Economies Gordon Hanson
Physical Sciences    
CAMSEE - The Center for Advancing Multidisciplinary Scholarship for Excellence in Education

Jeffrey Remmel/ 
Gabriele Wienhasen
Center for NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging of Proteins  Stanley J. Opella
CCoM - Center for Computational Mathematics Randolph Bank/
Phillip Gill/
Michael Holst
IPAPS - Institute for Pure and Applied Physical Sciences Brian Maple
CIMS - Center for Interface & Materials Science Brian Maple  
CAICE - Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment Kim Prather
Social Sciences    
AAASRC - African and African-American Studies Research Center Bennetta Jules-Rosette
BCSSPD - Bioregional Center for Sustainability Science, Planning and Design Keith Pezzoli
CCW - Center for Community Well-being Michael Cole/
Hugh Mehan
CGMH - Center for Global Mental Health

Janis Jekins

CSAPE - Center for the Study of African Political Economy Clark Gibson
CREATE - Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment, and Teaching Excellence Mica Pollock 
LCHC-Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition Michael Cole 
CEE - Center for Environmental Economics Mark Jacobsen
CRG STEMM - Center for Research on Gender in STEMM Mary Blair-Loy
**SCMA - Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology

John Hildebrand/
Thomas Levy 

* Centers within ORUs

** Joint center between Scripps Institution of Oceanography and campus Division of Social Sciences - Department of Anthropology

For more information, contact our main desk at (858) 534-9758.