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ORA - Scripps Institution of Oceanography ORUs

See a list and links to Scripps Institution of Oceanography Units (ORUs).

Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography (CASPO) Research

Center for Marine Biotechnology and Biomedicine

The goal of CMBB is to mobilize diverse scientific disciplines into a coordinated effort to explore new biotechnologies inspired by marine life. The program, centered at Scripps, invites participation from the relevant science departments, and from the Schools of Medicine and Engineering at UCSD. Those that participate have a history of successful interactions. New pharmaceutical companies focusing on developing new drugs from marine resources now require trained personnel with experience across the disciplines of marine biology, microbiology, chemistry, genomics, bioinformatics and more. The enhanced focus on aquaculture will generate thousands of jobs for trained marine biotechnologists with training in marine microbiology, pathology, nutrition, genomics, proteomics and more. The growing use of marine products in the food, cosmetic, and agriculture industries has created a current demand we can barely meet.

Geosciences Research Division

Scientists with the Geosciences Research Division (GRD) address a wide range of topics in the earth, ocean and atmospheric sciences, including studies of physical, chemical, and geobiological processes of Earth's mantle, crust, ocean and atmosphere. They carry out detailed investigations in marine geology, petrology, paleomagnetism, tectonics, geophysics, isotope geology, geochemistry, mantle and crustal evolution, and paleontology.

Integrative Oceanography Division

The organizing principle of the Integrative Oceanography Division (IOD) resides in a shared commitment to collaborative, interdisciplinary science. "Integrative" denotes our philosophy that multiple approaches are important in creating a better understanding of the ocean system. We take great pride in our membership of physical, biological, chemical and geological oceanographers, climate and information scientists, data and information managers, engineers, technicians, education specialist, administrative and management professionals. IOD distinguishes itself as scientific home for researchers working at the boundaries of traditional academic spheres, and generating growing programs in the integration of research with informatics as well as with education and public outreach. From pelagic to benthic ecology, shoreline to open ocean dynamics, data to information systems, our research encompasses field work, laboratory experimentation and computer modeling to acquire, integrate, synthesize and understand diverse data sets to elucidate the underlying dynamics of complex, multidimensional ocean systems.

Marine Biology Research Division

The Marine Biology Research Division at Scripps Institution of Oceanography consists of specialist marine research laboratories in the fields of cell and developmental biology, ecology and evolutionary biology, microbiology and physiology.

Marine Physical Laboratory

The Laboratory consists of individual research groups headed by Principal Investigators with a common interest in Observational Ocean Science with emphasis on developing state-of-the-art instrumentation for studying ocean acoustic and seismic propagation, air-sea interaction, ocean volume dynamics and ocean bottom geophysics. A common administrative staff and industrial machine shop facility support the MPL research groups. The MPL Principal Investigators are UCSD Research and Faculty members, some holding joint appointments outside SIO. This results in a strong academic link enabling graduate students to benefit from the multi-disciplinary resources of the University and provides an environment to address real-world research issues. In addition to research and teaching activities, MPL academics participate in the long-range planning of special interest to the Navy and other government agency research programs, the research community of UCSD and other public service activities.

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