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ORA - Multi-Campus ORUs

See a list and links to multi-campus Organized Research Units (ORUs).

IGCC - Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation

IGCC builds bridges between the theory and practice of international policy. It brings fresh ideas to the process by establishing the intellectual foundations for effective policy-making, and provides ways for UC faculty and students to interact with policymakers at home and abroad through collaborative, multi-campus projects. IGCC serves as a channel for the labs to access the social science expertise of the campuses and provides opportunities for UC faculty to present policy-related research through its office at the UC Washington Center. Faculty and students conducting cutting-edge  research on nuclear nonproliferation, terrorism, regional security, international security institutions, climate change and security, international health risks, cyberthreats, and other topics related to national security are supported through a faculty-reviewed competitive grant process and brought together to learn from and share their expertise with their peers both from the campuses and the labs.

IGPP - Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics

IGPP is recognized internationally as an outstanding research and teaching institution in geophysics. The scientific and service reputation of the faculty is outstanding. It has substantial financial support from a broad range of government agencies. IGPP faculty and staff are open to new ideas and novel approaches. Generally, it has a flexible, can-do approach and can respond to new opportunities. IGGP mission is to promote basic research involved in understanding the structure, origin, and evolution of the solar system and its planets.

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