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How to Submit Course Proposals to the Summer Session Office

Advisors, use this step-by-step guide to submit classes to the Summer Session Office, which oversees all administrative matters pertaining to summer courses.

1. Fall Quarter: Generate new Summer Session course proposals.

  • Receive the electronic call letter from the Summer Session office for departments to submit course proposals. (In October, academic department chairs and program directors are invited to propose courses for the following year's Summer Session.)
  • Encourage departments to propose courses that students need.

2. Fall Quarter: Organize and submit course proposals.

  • Organize and submit course proposals that the department or program chair has approved.
  • E-mail the approved list to the Summer Session Office.

3. Winter Quarter: Schedule Summer Session courses.

  • Receive notification from the Summer Session Office about the decisions of the Summer Session Advisory Committee.
  • Negotiate with the department chair if clarification of your students' needs alters the accepted course offerings.
  • Add or cancel classes through the department chair.

Note: The Scheduling Office begins scheduling appropriate space for summer classes in January. View the Schedule of Classes in early March.

4. Spring Quarter: Prepare for Summer Session courses.

  • Direct faculty who teach in the summer to the appropriate staff contact in your department or program for assistance with ordering textbooks, audiovisual equipment, duplication of course materials, etc.

5. Summer Session: Receive and submit Summer Session rosters and grade reports.

  • Review class lists/ rosters, which are available online.
  • Receive and distribute grade reports to Summer Session faculty.
  • Submit Grade Reports to the Registrar's Office after grades have been recorded and the reports have been signed by faculty/ instructors.
  • Tell UCSD students that grades are available to them online, 2 weeks after the end of the session they attended.
For more information, contact the Summer Session Office, (858) 534-7149.