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How to Submit Catalog Copy for Your Department

This step-by-step guide explains how to submit catalog copy for your department or program.

Important: Pay close attention to the deadlines in the printed instructions attached to your catalog copy.

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1. Early November: Publication Office e-mails PDF files of catalog portions to each department/ program.

  • Receive catalog copy for your department or program.
  • Review your department or program copy for changes, deletions, or additions.
  • Confer with department or program chair and/or faculty for changes.

2. Mid-January: Department/ program submits catalog copy tear sheets to the Academic Senate by the given due date.

  • Follow instuctions to review and make changes for all sections of your department/ program catalog copy.
    • Note: If you have significant changes, follow special instructions for electronic submission to the Publications Office.
  • Make sure each page of catalog copy is signed and dated, per instructions.
  • Deliver your updated catalog copy to the Academic Senate Office no later than the date requested.

Important: Be sure your contact information is correct. Update the name, phone number, and e-mail address of the contact, if needed.

3. Mid-February: The Publications Office sends catalog copy galley proofs to the Academic Senate Office, which contacts departments/ programs to schedule a time for galley proof review.

  • Schedule review time with Academic Senate Office when contacted.
  • If you do not wish to review the galley proofs for your department/ program, let the Academic Senate Office know that.

4. Mid-February to mid-March: Departments/ programs review galley proofs in the Academic Senate Office.

  • Review galley proofs in the Academic Senate Office at scheduled day and time. All reviews should be completed by mid-March.
    • Compare galley proofs to the catalog copy that you submitted in mid-January.
    • Note changes that were not made.
    • Incorporate additional changes as needed, at cost to the department.
  • If changes are approved, make changes directly on galley proofs. Don't mark the proofs if there are no changes.

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