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How to Correct Negative Comp Time Balances on LASR Payroll Entry

If you are a designated timekeeper, read these step-by-step instructions to correct negative comp time balances on LASR payroll entry.

Note that Supervisor and Timekeeper processes for campus and School of Medicine staff and academics will be revised for the Ecotime payroll timekeeping system.


Ecotime is going live with UCPath. See systems affected by the Ecotime timekeeping system transition, Supervisor and Timekeeper training, the most Frequently Asked Questions and the Ecotime rollout schedule at

Note: You must complete the requirements for becoming a timekeeper before following the steps on this page.

1. Log in to the Online Timekeeping system.

2. Select the pay cycle and your timekeeper code.

  • Go to the Timekeeper Select screen.
  • Select either the biweekly or monthly pay cycle. The current, active pay period will default as the selected choice in the window.
    Note: You may view prior pay period data by clicking the down arrow to the right of the window. Changes to a prior pay period must be made as an adjustment in the current pay period.
  • Select your timekeeper code from the list in the window.

3. Select the employee.

  • Proceed to the Employee List screen.
  • Select the employee name from your list of employees.
  • Proceed to the Detail Entry screen by clicking the [Detail] button.

4. Enter the hours.

  • Select the correct distribution pay line.
  • Move to the Other field and enter the negative hours with a minus (-) sign.
  • Tab to Cd and enter a D code to reverse the previous entry of straight comp time used.
  • Make a copy by clicking the [Copy 1] button near the bottom of the screen. The system will make one copy of your selected line and the text will appear in red.
  • Move to the Other field and enter the hours.
  • Tab to Cd and enter a T code to correctly report premium comp time used.

5. Update the entry.

  • Click the [Update] button to update the entry.
  • You will receive the message "Update Completed."