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How to Become a Timekeeper

Find out how to become a designated timekeeper for your department.

Note that Timekeeper requirements and training courses will be revised after the release of the Ecotime timekeeping system.

During the transition to Ecotime, Timekeepers are required to attend Ecotime Timekeeper training, offered both in-person and online. More information at

1. If you don't already have it, get access to UCSD Business Systems.

2. Complete the training for online timekeeping.

  • Receive approval from your department to take the online timekeeping class.
  • Take the online timekeeping class.
  • Register for the class at UC Learning.
    • Search for Online Timekeeping.

3. Submit the timekeeper delegation form.

4. Get access to the online timekeeping system.

  • Ask your Department Security Administrator (DSA) to request online timekeeping access for you through AccessLinkTNG. If you don't know who your DSA is, use DSA search.