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What to Do if an Employee Doesn't Get Paid

If you are a timekeeper, and an employee in your department does not get paid, follow the steps on this page to correct the situation.

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1. Verify that a check was issued.

  • Go to PPS (Payroll Personnel System) online.
    Note: If you are not a PPS user, please see How to Become a PPS User.
  • If checking PPS reveals that a check or a direct deposit was issued, go to Step 2.
  • If checking PPS reveals that a check or direct deposit was not issued, go to Step 3.

2. If the check or a direct deposit was issued, try one or more of these strategies.

  • View the Comment field to learn the status of the check and to find a person to contact.
  • Check the Mail Code to make sure the check was sent to the correct department.
  • In the Dispo field, view the Disposition of Payment field. If you see that the payment was made by direct deposit, inform the employee that payment was made directly to the employee's bank account.

3. If a check or direct deposit was not issued, follow these steps.

  • Check the IAPT screen in PPS and verify the following:
    • The appointment and distribution dates are current and valid.
    • The status is "active," not "separated" or "on leave without pay."
    • A valid "A" or "N" code is in the Time field of the appointment level.
  • For sub 0 and sub 1 employees, check Online Timekeeping to ensure that "NO-PAY" entries were not submitted.
  • For sub 2 employees, check Online Timekeeping to verify that the time was reported and submitted.

4. Contact a member of the Payroll Office.

  • Explain the reason payment was not made.
  • You'll be given instructions on how to make the necessary corrections in PPS or Timekeeping.

Payroll office contacts

5. If required, request a special check.

  • If the correction requires that a special check be issued to the employee:
    • Complete the Payroll Check Request form (PDF).
    • Have the employee sign the form.
    • Have the department head (or other designated approver) sign the form.
    • Submit completed and signed form to Payroll via ASK application.
    • Inform the employee that requests received by Payroll by 1 p.m. will be available in the afternoon of the next business day.
      Note: If the employee is usually paid by direct deposit, explain that this special check will be issued as a negotiable paper check and not by direct deposit.

6. Pick up the check.

  • The employee must have identification to pick up the check at Payroll, located at 10280 Torrey Pines Center South, Suite 305.

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