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How to Process Work Study Hours in MTE

Follow these steps to process work study hours in MTE.

The Work Study program is managed by the Financial Aid Office. Any questions pertaining to the program policies and regulations should be forwarded to them. 

These instructions pertain to the processing of worked hours reported through the MyTime timekeeping system. 

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Student and Supervisor Completion of Timecard

  • Every two weeks students enter time in MTE calendar by using their business system single sign-on credentials. 
    • Hours are to be reported in fifteen-minute increments, with fifteen minutes representing 0.25 hours. 
  • Supervisors are responsible for the hours reported. The supervisor approval on MTE certifies the number of hours worked and that the work was performed in a satisfactory manner. 

Timekeeper Timecard Proessing

  • Timecard processing of work study is processed the same as other timecards for positive pay employees.
  • Work study distributions are differentiated  from regular distribution by their "F", "I", "S" or "U" indicator.
    • F =  Federal 
    • I = Institutional 
    • S = State
    • U = UC 
  • Hours reported in a work study distribution will be split in PPS between the work study fund program and department funds.
  • MTE is able to automatically spread the hours to the different distributions if the percentages between appointments and total distributions equal.  
    • For example if an appointment is setup at 25% with total distributions equal to 25%, the system will do the spread automatically.
    • If the appointment and total distributions percentages are not equal then the system will require the timekeeper to manually calculate and spread the hours. 

Step by Step Instruction Documents

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