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How to Assign a Supervisor/ Time Approver

See how to set up supervisory assignments in My Time Entry (MTE).

Reporting Structure - Assigning Employees to Supervisor/Time Approvers

As the timekeeper for your department, you can assign any of your employees to a supervisor or a time approver. You will need timekeeping privileges to assign an employee to a supervisor or time approver.

The Difference between Supervisor and Time Approver

An Employee is assigned to only one Supervisor but could be assigned to multiple Time Approvers

Supervisor has the primary responsibilty of approving an employee's timecard. By default a Supervisor is a Time Approver.

A Time Approver acts as a back up (alternate) when the Supervisor is unable to approve a timecard. Time Approver refers to the system role that grants approval authority for timecard transactions. Assigning someone the Time Approver role activates the Pending Time Approvals menu, enabling that person to access the Time Approval Summary and Time Approver Reports, as well as some confidential data pertaining to the employees' leave balances.

Download the following supervisory assignment instructions as a PDF

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1. Open MTE and Click on the Administration Section

MTE Administration section

2. Select the Supervisors & Approvers Tab

Search for the employee by name or employee ID

Note: You can only setup employees that you have access to via a timekeeper code. If you do not have access to employees, they will not appear in the search.

MTE supervisors & approvers tab

3. Scroll to Appointment Details

MTE Appointment details

4. Click the appropriate update link

To assign a Supervisor, click "Update Supervisor in ALTNG"

MTE Update supervisor

To assign a Time Approver, click "Update Time Approvers in ALTNG"

Note: The remainder of this tutorial will show examples using a Supervisor, but the same steps apply to assigning a Time Approver.

5. Assign Supervisor to Employee

5a. You will be taken to AccessLinkTNG to make the assignment.


5b. Click the circled plus sign. MTE Plus sign button

5c. Search for the supervisor in the Add Supervisor box.

MTE Add Supervisor

5d.Make your selection, and then click Save and Return.

You should now see the Supervisor has been added to the Employee.

MTE New supervisor added

You can also assign multiple employees at a time to a Supervisor

Scroll to Employee List: supervised by and click "Update Employee List in ALTNG"

MTE Assign employees to Supervisor

Make the assignments as in step 5, above, except tha tyou can assign multiple employees to a single Supervisor.

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