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Timekeeper: How to Process Time

Find out how to review and accept time entered by employees.

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1. Timekeeper Reporting

  • Logon one day after your departmental due date to process time.
  • From the Timekeeping Application screen, select Timekeeper Reporting for either Monthly or Biweekly cycle.
Pay Cycle

2. Timekeeper Report

  • Select Timekeeper Code
  • You should see a list of employees with time to process.
  • Listed employees are grouped by Entered in Period.
  • Entered in Period columns:
    • Employee Name: hover over the name to display email and telephone.
    • Approvers:
      • Supervisor is highlighted in bold letters
      • Time approvers are listed here.
      • Approver of timecard is checked √
  • Activity Period:
    • Click on Activity Period to view more detail information.
  • Ap/Dept:
    • Hours are spread out by Appointment(s) and Home Department.
  • Totals:
    • Grouped by type
  • Status:
    • Timecard status
      • Approved
      • Pending
      • Denied
  • PTR:
    • Click gear to go to spread time screen.
    • Detail information of the distribution spreading.
  • Selection boxes:
    • Select boxes to print Activity Pay Period Report.

3. Calculate Spread

  • Click the gear icon Gear icon  from the PTR column.
  • Top section.
    • Employee Details
    • Primary Timekeeper
    • Leave Balances
    • Appointments
  • Bottom section.
    • Current Reporting Period
    • Grouped by Entered in Period and Activity Period.
    • Totals Summary: sum of all hours reported for activity period.
    • Appointment Summary: Totals for appointment only.
    • Distribution Spreading:
      • Distribution rows with system spreading calculations based on Appt. and Dist. percentages.
      • If automatic spreading cannot be performed, message will display to do manual spreading.
  • Override Totals Summary button.
    • Overrides hours in summary 
  • Spread Distributions button.
  • Accept
  • Print
  • Next

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