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MyTime Entry: Appointment Nicknames

Find out how to create appointment nicknames in place of title names in PPS.

The MyTime Entry nickname feature helps employees differentiate between appointments. It allows employees to know which appointment to use to report their time.

  • The nickname will display in the date entry box, summary tab and any section where the payroll title was displayed. 
  • There is a 30 characters max limitation.
  • Alpha, numeric or special characters can be used.
  • The nickname is also displayed to supervisors and timekeepers. 

Download the appointment nickname instructions below as a PDF.

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1. Find the employee that you want to give a nickname

1a. Go to the Administration section

MTE Administration section

1b. On the Employee tab  search for the employee by name or employee ID

MTE employee search

2. Enter the nickname

2a. Go to the Employee page

MTE Jobs screen

2b. Type the nickname in the Jobs section.

Nicknames can be up to 30 characters long, including numeric and special characters.
MTE enter nickname

3. The new description is displayed

Supervisors and Timekeepers can view the nickname where the PPS title name was previously.

The new description is also displayed in the:

  • Summary Tab Jobs section:

MTE summary tab

  • Job Details section for each appointment:

MTE Job Details

  • New Entry box for the dates in the calendar:
MTE calendar

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