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Timekeepers: How to Manage MyTime Entry

Timekeepers, get an overview of MyTime Entry.

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1. Log into MyTime Entry

  • You must have a user ID and password to log onto  MTE. If you don't have a user ID and password, contact your departmental security administrator (DSA).
  • Select MyTime from the Personal tools in Blink.
  • Log on using your user ID and password.

2. Timekeeping Application Menu

The following links are displayed:

  • Employee Time Entry: To enter  your own time.
  • Pending Time Approvals: To approve time requests (if you do).
  • Timekeeper Missing Timecards (Monthly/Biweekly): Missing timecards by pay cycle and timekeeper code.
  • Timekeeper Reporting (Monthly/Biweekly): Review calculations, accept and spread time.
  • Timekeeper History (Monthly/Biweekly):Historical information
  • Administration: Set up employee information, assign supervisors, and set up due dates.
Timekeeper Menu

3. Responsibilities

  • Set up employee information
    • Overtime designation.
    • Secondary email address.
    • Adding Supervisor and/or Time Approvers.
  • Review and accept entered time.
    • Review funding spreading and calculations.
    • If necessary apply bargaining union rules and make necessary adjustments to comply with union contracts.
    • Perform manual spreading if necessary.
    • Monitor pending approvals.
  • Missing Timecards
    • Follow up on missing timecards
    • Communicate with supervisors, time approvers and employees.
  • Serve as subject matter expert to employees in using the MyTime Entry application.

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