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MTE: Error and Warning Messages

See an explanation and descriptions of error and warning messages in MTE.


A timecard exception symbol is generated when a timecard does not meet certain expectations or requirements.

For example:

  • Leave Balances are exceeded.
  • Total distribution percentages don't equal total appointment percentages.
  • System cannot perform calculations.
  • System cannot spread distributions.

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Timecard exceptions are identified by symbols and colors. The severity of these symbols is indicated by one of the following symbols:

erro symbol table

Leave Balances Have Been Exceeded

 Leave Balances

  • Whenever employees exceed their leave balances the system will generate a warning message. The message is letting the employee, supervisor and timekeeper know that he/she doesn't have enough hours to cover the hours entered.
  • This is a warning message and will not prevent the timecard from being push forward for processing.
  • Per Policy employees are not allowed to exceed their balances except only when authorized by the University.

Read more about vacation.

Manual Calculations for OTS, OTP and REG are Required

Manual calculations for OTS, OTP and REG are required

  • This error occurs when the application is not able to determine the type of hours worked.
  • The timekeeper needs to categorize the hours worked to REG, OTS or OTP.
  • Use the Override Totals Summary button to categorize the hours.

Manual Spreading is Required

Manual spreading is required

  • The application is not able to automatically spread the hours to the Distribution Spreading section.
  • Timekeeper has to manually spread the hours displayed in the Totals Summary section to the different distributions.

This Time Card Cannot Be Accepted Until After

This timecard cannot be accepted until after

  • Timekeeper cannot accept the timecard until after the employee due date.
  • The employee has until the due date to change the timecard.

This Activity Period Cannot Be Accepted Until All Previous Report Periods Have Been Accepted

Cannot be accepted until previous periods

  • All prior activity reported in prior periods must be accepted or cleared before the current reported period can be accepted.
  • Prior activity needs to be accepted first to determine eligibilty for holiday and retro activity calculations.

OTP/OTS Hours Could Not be Calculated

OTP and OTS cannot be calculated.

  • System was not able to calculate OTP and/or OTS based on the current payroll setup in PPS.
  • Timekeeper needs to determine OTP and or OTS calculations manually.
  • Use the Override Totals Summary button to manually categorize the additional hours worked for overtime.

Failed To Insert Time Records Into TAR

TAR is closed

  • MTE was not able to accept the timecard because there is no current timekeeping reporting period open.
  • Wait until the next available period is open for entry to accept timecard.
  • Use the timekeeping schedule for more details.

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