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How to Setup Employees in MyTime

Find out how to setup employees to use MyTime Entry.

Follow the steps below to facilitate a smooth transition for your employees to start using MyTime for timekeeping self entry.

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PPS setup

Setup the time reporting code to "A" in the EAPC screen. The "A" code activates the calendar in the appointment tab of MTE.

  • The time reporting code is in between the pay schedule and leave accrual code.

time reporting code

  • Assign the time reporting code "A" for those appointments in which the employee will be reporting time.

Verify the Primary Timekeeper code in the EPER screen is correct. Without a correct timekeeper code the employee will not come up in MyTime.

timekeeper code

NOTE: For employees working for multiple departments, Home Department approval is required in order to change the primary timekeeper code.

Supervisory assignment

Assign Supervisor and/or Time Approver(s) to employees.

  • Only one Supervisor can be assigned to an employee.
  • You can assigned as many Time Approvers as you want to employees.
    • Note: A Time Approver function is different from a Timekeeper. Time Approvers act as backups for Supervisors.
  • Follow the instructions on the Supervisor/ Time Approver Assignment page.

NOTE: The supervisory assignments are done thru the Roles Application which is an ACT application.

Overtime designation: non-exempt employees

The overtime designation in MyTime is defaulted to Comp Time.  If an employee needs to be designated as pay overtime then it needs to be updated.

  • Overtime designation is done from the Administration page under the Employee tab.
  • Type employee's name or employee id in the search box to bring up employee.

employee tab

  • Update OT designation by selecting the radio button

ot designation

Due dates

The timecard due date for employees by default is setup to 3 business days before the payroll compute date.  Departments can change this due date according to their needs.  Keep in mind the payroll deadlines when changing the due dates.

  • The employees' due date can be updated from the Administration page under the Custom Due Dates page.

due dates tab

  • Due Dates are set up by timekeeper code. You could setup different due dates for different timekeeper codes. Select the timekeeper code you want to change.

code selection

  •  You can modify the default due dates to your department needs. The page displays the different monthly and biweekly due dates up to the end of the current year.  Don't forget to click the Update button at the bottom of the page. The updated date will be available to your employees after the overnight refresh.

due dates

Business systems

After you have done the steps above instruct your employees to self register for a Business Systems account to access MyTime.

  • Send the MyTime URL to your employee: mytime.ucsd.edu
  • Or instruct them to go to BLINK under Personal Tools: Blink -Personal Tools -MyTime(Online)

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