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MyTime Entry: Roles and Responsibilities

Regular and consistent attendance records are necessary to provide on-time pay.

MyTime Entry was developed to bring efficiencies in recording time and attendance. It reduces the risk of errors and allows employees to be more productive. All approvals and workflows for capturing employees' time are done in an electronic format. Each workflow cycle member needs to be responsible for their actions.


  • Enter time data in the system and submit it for approval.
  • Are required to submit their time by the specified due date.
  • Obtain advance approval for leave requests.
  • Provide reasons for absences and provide documentation if requested by supervisor.
  • Monitor leave balances.


  • Ensure that all employees in their area of responsibility are accurately recording their time.
  • Approve/ deny timecards submitted by employees in a timely manner.
  • Review and approve/ deny all leave requests in accordance with policy and bargaining unit agreements.
  • Inform employees of leave balances as needed.
  • Authorize overtime in advance of it being worked.
  • Maintain files of records used that support time and attendance entries.


  • Are responsible for monitoring all departmental time entry records.
  • Assist employees, supervisors and time approvers with MyTime questions and concerns.
  • Review each timecard to ensure compliance with reporting policy and for accuracy of the calculations.
  • Act as a liaison between the departmental staff and the Payroll office.
  • Accept timecards for processing by the Payroll deadline.

Every department should maintain written timekeeping procedures for:

  • Department working hours
  • Lunch hours
  • Overtime and leave requests.