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MyTime Entry: How to Report Overtime

Find instructions on how to report overtime for non-exempt employees.

Only employees in Non-Exempt titles are eligible for overtime.

  • MyTime calculates overtime for any hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a workweek.  A workweek for Non-Exempt employees is defined as 40 working hours from Sunday to Saturday.
  • Bargaining Unit agreements with a different overtime calculation methods have not yet been programmed into MyTime. In such cases, timekeepers need to manually calculate the overtime hours in the application.
  • MyTime determines the overtime hours for an employee based on the employee's overtime designation and the hours reported on the timecard. The system will calculate whether the overtime is premium or straight.

Premium vs Straight

Overtime is calculated based on the number of hours worked. Time off for vacation and/ or sick leave, comp time, jury duty, and holidays are not considered hours worked.

  • Premium overtime (OTP) is time worked in excess of 40 hours in a workweek.
    • For example if an employee works 42 hours in a workweek and does not take any time off, the system will calculate 2 hours as premium overtime.
    • Premium overtime is compensated at a rate of 1.5 times the employee's hourly rate.
  • Straight overtime (OTS) is time worked in excess of an employee's regular schedule up to 40 hours in a workweek.
    • For example if an employee reports 42 hours in a workweek but takes a day off as vacation during the week then the 2 hours will be calculated as straight overtime because the hours worked did not exceed 40 hours (employee worked 32 hours).
    • Straight overtime is compensated the same as the employee's hourly rate.


Overtime by non-exempt employees must be approved in advance. An employee is expected to seek advance approval for overtime work and to report overtime worked at the time of a work-reporting period.


An employee's time reporting requirement will determine how an employee reports overtime.

  • Exception Time Reporting (Sub 0, Sub 1)
    • These employees only report exceptions to their regular work schedule. They report hours worked in excess of their work schedule as "Additional Hours."
    • They are automatically paid for their regular work schedule from the Payroll System (PPS).
  • Positive Time Reporting (Sub 2)
    • Employees in this cluster report all hours in order to get pay.
    • All hours include hours worked, vacation, sick, comp time taken and other type of leaves.
    • All hours worked are reported as 'Hours Worked."
    • The system or the timekeeper will calculate any holiday hours.

Overtime Designation

The OT Designation from the Summary tab will determine whether the overtime is paid or compensatory time off is applied.

  • An employee's overtime designation is displayed in the Employee Details section of the Summary Tab.
  • If the OT Designation is incorrect contact the primary timekeeper.