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MyTime Entry Overview

If you will be submitting time online, read this page to become familiar with UC San Diego's online timekeeping system.


MyTime Entry (MTE) is a web-based application used by authorized employees to report, administer, and maintain hours for payroll time records. It allows for online entry of hours. The system is designed to eliminate redundancies, increase speed, maintain a high level of security and reduce the opportunities for errors. It replaces a time-intensive, paper-based manual method of time reporting.

Timekeeping system

Employees are able to report all hours worked, absences, comp time used, and administrative paid leave. To report time, employees log on to MTE via Single Sign-On and enter time in a calendar-based, graphic user interface format. Time approvers then go into MTE to approve time.

Currently, employees are compensated in one of two ways:

  1. Salary roll employees (sub 0 or 1) are paid based on data entered into the Employee Data Base (EDB) through the Payroll Personnel System (PPS). These employees are exception-time reported, which means that employees submit time in MTE only for:
    • Overtime Pay
    • Reduced payment due to absences without salary
    • Compensatory time used
    • Leave activity (vacation and sick time)
    • Exempt employees report on a monthly basis
    • Non-exempt employees report on a bi-weekly basis
  2. General assistance employees (sub 2), by contrast, are positive-time reported. For these employees, they must submit a payroll time record to generate a paycheck. Employees report all hours worked and absences in order to get paid.
    • Exempt employees report on a monthly basis
    • Non-exempt employees report on a bi-weekly basis

Using MyTime Entry

Login at: MyTime Entry

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