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Employees: How to Enter Hours

The following instructions show you how to enter hours in the My Time Entry (MTE) application.

This example shows how to enter your timesheet electronically to your supervisor or time approver.

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1. Log onto My Time Entry

  • You must have a user ID and password to log onto MTE. If you don't have a user ID and password, contact your departmental security administrator (DSA).
  • Go to ASK (login required)
  • Log on using your user ID and password.
Log on screen

2. Employee Time Entry Screen Overview

This screens contains the following:

  • Employee Name
  • Today's Date
  • Due Date
  • Current Calendar
  • Leave Balance Summary
  • Current Appointment(s) Tab(s)
  • Summary Tab
Default Calendar Page

3. Summary Tab

The Summary Tab contains information about you (the employee)

  • Employee Details: Employee ID, E-mail, Pay Cycle and Overtime designation.
  • Primary Timekeeper: Contact information of primary timekeeper.
  • Leave Balances:  Balances for vacation, sick and comp time.
  • Appointment(s) information: Appointment number(s), Department, Title, Supervisor/ Time Approvers, and Begin/ End date of Appt.
  • Summary of hours entered.
Summary Tab

4. Appt(s) Tab(s)

To enter hours worked, absences or other type(s)

NOTE: An Appointment is the employee's position. It determines the relationship between employee and employer. An Appointment number indicates the position of the appointment in the payroll system.

  1. Select Date on Calendar.
  2. New Entry Screen Box pops out
  3. Select Appointment number if more than one appointment is available, otherwise it defaults to the only selection.
  4. Select the Type of Hours. Icon describes types.
  5. Enter the number of Hours.
  6. Enter Comments (optional).
  7. Click Create
Entering Time

5. Submit Timesheet for Approval.

  • Clear Calendar: Clears all entries from calendar.
  • Save Progress: Save time entered and continue later.
  • Submit for Approval: After all hours have been entered submit time for approval.

Submit Button

6. Confirmation of Time Submitted.

  • After time is submitted for approval, you should see the following message at the top left corner of the calendar.
  • Also note the Summary Totals at the bottom of page.
Confirmation Status

7. Waiting for Approval.

After hours are submitted for approval:

  • The system generates an automatic email to your supervisor and time approver(s).
  • Supervisor or time approver will approve or deny it.
    • If time is approved, you will get a confirmation email that your time has been approved.
    • If time is denied, you will get an email and you should revise your time with your supervisor.

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