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How to Approve Time in My Time Entry

See step-by-step instructions on how to approve time in My Time Entry for supervisors or time approvers.

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1. Log onto MyTime Entry

  • You must have a user ID and password to log onto MTE. If you don't have a user ID and password, contact your departmental security administrator (DSA).
  • Select MyTime (Online) from the Personal tools in Blink.
  • Log on using your user id and password.
Log on screen.jpg

2. Landing Page Menu

The landing page will display the two roles of a supervisor/time approver.
  • Employees - Enter your own time here.
  • Time Approvers - Approve your employees' timecards, look at missing timecards and view timecards for up to a year. 

Time approver landing page

3. Time Approval Summary

  • Pending Time Approvals:  List of employees  that are waiting your approval.
    • Approve approve  or Deny deny  time in the Status column.
    • Select the Activity Period to view more details on the totals.
    • Retro column displays new time entered for a prior month. *Only retro hours will be processed.
    • Totals column displays current and prior period totals.
    • System will generate an automatic email with comments to employee of time approval or denial
  • Timecards Missing or Requiring Action: List of employees with missing timecards and their status by reporting period.
    • Saved Status: Employee entered time but has not submitted it for approval.
    • Denied Status: Supervisor denied timecard and employee needs to correct it.
    • Blank Status: Employee has not entered anything.
    • Late: Employee did not enter a timecard and it is already late.
    • Late/ Pending: Employee submitted timecard after the due date and is waiting for approval from supervisor.
    • Late/ Approved: Employee submitted timecard after the due date and it has been approved by supervisor.
    • Late/ Denied: Employee submitted timecard after the due date and it was denied by supervisor. 

time approval summary

comments iconComments Icon: Employee included some comments.

4. Time Approval: Details

This section displays detail information about the timecard activity in a calendar view format.

  • Employee Information
    • Pay Cycle : Monthly or Biweekly
    • OT Designation: Pay or Compensatory.
    • Leave Balances as of the last LASR available.
    • Appointments/ Jobs information: Dept, Title or nickname, Supervisor/ Time Approver and duration of appointments.
    • Timekeeper name and contact information.
  • Activity Period
    • Status Activity: Date and time stamp of timecard history status.
    • Report Period: Period in which the timecard was reported.
    • Calendar: View of hours entered by the employee.
    • Time Entry Details & Comments: Comments entered by employee.
    • Retro Change: What information will be processed.

5. Features

  • Pay attention to Warning Messages
  • Scrolling to employee's name displays email and telephone.
Warning Messages 1

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