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How to do a PPS Web Rehire

See step by step instruction to do a rehire in PPW Web.

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Login to PPS Web Functions

  • Go to EmployeeLink
  • Select PPS Web Functions
  • Login using your PPS User ID and password
  • At the Main Menu select the Rehire option

Select Employee for Rehire

  • Enter the employee's information on one of the three fields available.
  • Your selected employee's information will display
  • Use the ENTRY SCREENS to the left to navigate thru the screens.

1. Employee Identification Screen (EEID)

  • Select the Employee Identification screen
  • Verify or update the information displayed
  • Select Next button to move to the Personal Information screen

2. Personal Information Screen (EPD1)

  • Review and update the information
  • Select Next to move to Address and Disclosures screen

3. Address and Disclosures Screen (EADR)

  • Update the displayed information
  • Campus Information 
    • Time Saver:
      • Use Create New Template to avoid repetitive entries
      • Enter information and save as a template
      • Next time use My Templates to bring it back.

4. Citizenship and Taxes Screen (EALN & ETAX)

  • System defaults to US Citizenship
  • If employee is not a citizen more options are displayed
  • Update tax information from W-4 if necessary
    • If fields are blank, system defaults to Single with 0 allowances

5. Employment Information (EPD2 & EPER)

  • Update Most Recent Date of Hire field
  • The Oath Patent form date is valid for 365 days. Therefore if an employee separates and is re-hired with in 365 days from their previous hire date, the employee is not required to complete a new form.
  • The I-9 Verification form is valid for three years. If an employee separates and is re-hired less than three years from their previous hire date, only (Section 3 ) on the form must be completed.
  • Update the BELI Effective Date field
  • Review and update the rest of the information
  • Note: Do not Change the Original Date of Hire field

6. Appointments and Distribution Screen (EAPC)

Depending on how long the employee has been separated choose one of the following options when completing the Appointment/Distribution section.

  1. The employee has been separated longer than four months and no previous employment history (appointments/distributions) exist on the EDB. Proceed with building new appointment(s) and distribution(s).
  2. The employee has been separated longer than 30 days and there are existing appointment(s) and distribution(s). Build the new appointment(s) and distribution(s) as required and delete the old appointment(s)/distribution(s).

Create Appointment(s)  

  • Select the Add Appointment button to enter information
  • Add required information to appointment fields
    • Time Saver:
      • Use the Create New Templates to save on appointment information.
      • Next time use the My Templates option to bring it back.
  • Save Appointment.

Create Distribution(s)

  • Select the Add Distribution button to enter information
  • Add required information to distribution fields
    • Time Saver:
      • Use the Create New Templates to save distribution information.
      • Next time use the My Templates option to bring it back.
  • Save Distribution.

7. Education

  • Review and update information if necessary or if required by HR.

8. Honors & Awards

  • Update informations as necessary or required.

11. Summary

  • The summary page displays all of the new entries made.
  • Review and  if necessary edit the information.
  • If everything is correct click the Submit button.

12. Review Messages and Update

  • Fix any Consistency Messages
    • Level 7 Empl Rej Must be cleared before continuing foward.
  • After all Level 7 Messages are cleared and all other messages are reviewed click the submit button.
Error Message Severity Levels
  • 7 EMPL REJ: Employee activity reject indicates that the employee record will not be updated with the entered changes.
  • 4 DATA OVR: Entered data will be replaced with a derived value, or a missing required fiield will be derived by the system.
  • 3 WARNING: There is a possible error or inconsistency in the entered data. The change will be accepted as entered.
  • 2 IMPLD MT: The system will derive or re-derive one or more data element values based on other changes made.

13. Post Authorization Notification (PAN)

  • Enter comments explaining the transaction.

14. Confirmation

  • The confirmation page lets you know the transaction is complete.

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