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How to Become a PPS User

Find out how to become a Payroll Personnel System (PPS) user (Inquiry or Update) for your department.

1. If you don't already have it, get access to UCSD Business Systems.

2. Decide what training you will need.

  • PPS Inquiry is intended for employees who need to view employee information in the Payroll Personnel System (PPS).
  • PPS Update is intended for employees who will use or supervise use of PPS.

3. Enroll in training.

  • Obtain approval from your department to attend PPS training.
  • Sign up for PPS Inquiry or PPS Update at UC Learning.
  •  Search for PPS Inquiry or PPS Update Curriculum.
  •  IMPORTANT: You must complete the fundamentals class (week 2) and a minimum of one central office training (which icludes the week 1 policy class, if applicable, and the week 3 procedures and activities class) to eligible for PPS Update access. If you are asbsent from any significant portion of the training, you will be asked to reschedule the entire PPS training series, Thank you for your cooperation.

4. Update your departmental PPS information.

  • Have your departmental PPS contact update the PPS Delegation of Usage to include you as a PPS user.
  • If you will be reviewing Post Authorization Notifications (PANs), your PPS contact needs to submit a PAN reviewer worksheet to your departmental security administrator (DSA).
For more information, contact George Gomez, (858) 534-3245.