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PPS Overview

Learn about the Payroll Personnel System (PPS), the university's systemwide payroll system.

New: Read about the UCPath initiative. The goal is to pay all UC employees from a single, University-wide payroll system that satisfies the core needs of each location while bringing the efficiencies, improved data, and cost savings associated with a unified system.

About PPS

PPS is a systemwide payroll system that contains payroll and personnel information for all university employees. For a university employee to be paid, a payroll and personnel record must be entered in PPS.

 Only authorized PPS users can access PPS. The department head or delegate certifies that PPS access is required for the employee's necessary and proper performance of assigned job duties.

PPS modules

  1. PPS Inquiry allows users to view current payroll/ personnel employee database information. Users can access, select, and view employee information through specially designed menu screens, list screens, and detail screens.
  2. PPS Online Update allows users to add and change employee information online, as well as edit and update the entered data immediately. Users can perform a variety of payroll/ personnel actions online such as processing new hires, transfers, enrollment to various deductions, promotions, and separations.
    • Help screens provide information on screen content, field values, and specific information in the database. By using function keys and entering selection criteria, users can navigate to the desired screens(s), enter or change information, and submit the changes to the edit and update process.
    • Information entered on the online data entry screens is transferred to the edit and update process. This process checks for error or inconsistencies in the data entered. If any errors are detected, appropriate messages are displayed on a message screen. Users may correct the errors or cancel the update at their discretion.
  3. Post Authorization Notification (PAN) is the primary control mechanism of the payroll personnel system. After a user updates a record, the system sends out a notification to mandatory reviewers, departmental administrators, and appropriate central offices for review. The notification contains essential review and audit information, including:
    • Type or action performed
    • Employee affected
    • User ID of individual updating the data
    • Date and time of update
    • Before and after data fields of record(s) udpated

More information

For more information, see Payroll Contacts.