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Budget Training

See a list of budget classes and class materials.

The following classes are developed and taught by the Campus Budget Office and are available through Staff Education and Development. Most courses are offered four of five times a year, depending on demand. In addition, group or individual training can be tailored to your departmental needs and offered in-house at a time convenient for you and your staff. Sign up for any of these classes through UC Learning Center.

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Budgeting 101A – Best Fiscal Practices

Intended for current financial managers or those directly accountable for the financial health of an on campus organization. This course provides basic concepts for fiscal management at UCSD as they relate to the permanent budget, staffing, overdraft prevention, and fiscal year-end closing requirements.

Budgeting 101B – Online Transfer of Funds

This course provides participants with a hands-on demonstration of how to complete and approve Online Transfer of Funds. Through participation in this course, participants will learn how to complete current year and permanent transfer of funds, understand the approval hierarchy required for permanent transfers and learn how to track uncompleted documents. See course description.

Budgeting 135 – Staffing List Basics

This course is intended to be an introduction to the basic principles and practices for budgeting permanent salary and benefit costs. Emphasis is placed on understanding the components of the Staffing List. In addition, participants will learn how to balance their Staffing List, understand how salary adjustments are funded and learn how to properly calculate and fund benefits related to salary adjustments.

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