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Budget Tools and Forms

Find the tools and forms needed to perform a range of budget-related tasks.

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Budgeted index number request

A budgeted index is used for all permanent budget allocations. The fourth and fifth characters of this index are always BD, e.g., RMGBD66. You need to fill out a budgeted index number request to request a new BD index number(s) associated with a specific Fund, Organization, and Program Number.

master index must be established in the Integrated Financial Information System (IFIS), before the Campus Budget Office can assign a BD index.

Note: The Campus Budget Office cannot issue duplicate budget index numbers that have the same organization, fund and first two digits of the program number. The budget system will not accept duplicate budget index numbers after a transaction has posted. Please do not attempt to create budget index numbers in the IFIS INDEXCPY screen.

Request a Budget index.

Employee benefits rates

The benefits rates used by the UC San Diego campus are the composite contract and grants benefits planning rates published by the Campus Budget Office.

Benefits Rates chart

Budget query tools

  • Permanent Budget Query: Provides information about the permanent budget and Full Time Equivalent (FTE) allocations made at the beginning of the fiscal year (initial budget), any transfers that were made within the fiscal year, and the net adjusted budget (initial budget +/- transfers).
  • Adjusted Budget Query: Reflects permanently budgeted organizations by sub account. The query is run by organization and includes incremental adjustments for the current fiscal year.
  • Permanent Staffing Query: Comprised of permanent staffing detail from the Payroll Personnel System (PPS) and the provision master file. The staffing list only includes permanently budgeted full time equivalent academic and staff positions.
  • Staffing List Detail Query: Combines the permanent budget and permanent staffing queries into one easy-to-read format and flags out-of-balance conditions between the two sets of data.
  • Staffing List Out of Balance Exception Query: Displays organizations and BD index numbers where the permanent budget and staffing list are out of balance.
  • On-Line Transfer of Funds Query: View details of a particular transfer document or list the transfers that have affected an organization during a specified timeframe.

Online Transfer of Funds (OLTF)

An Online Transfer of Funds (OLTF) is used to adjust the operating ledger and permanent budget by transferring funds or FTE from one Index to another Index with some restrictions.

Interlocation transfer of funds (ILTF)

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