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How to Fill Out an ILTF

Find out how to fill out an Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ILTF).

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1. Download the form

Download the blank ILTF form (PDF).

2. Fill out the form

Complete the ILTF form with the appropriate information according to this chart:

ITFL form image

Download a PDF of this reference form

A. Date Prepared

Enter the month (1-12), day (1-31), and last two digits of the calendar year (17).

B. Effective Fiscal Year

Enter the fiscal year that the transfer is effective (e.g., 16-17).

C. Account Title (Including Location)

Include campus name and department (e.g., UCSD Biology, UCSD CalSpace, UCLA Alpha Project, or UCOP).

D. Loc 1

Enter the campus location code:

Loc 1 Code Campus
01 Berkeley
02 San Francisco
03 Davis
04 Los Angeles/ Office of the President
05 Riverside
06 San Diego
07 Santa Cruz
08 Santa Barbara
09 Irvine
10 Merced

E. Loc 2

Indicates who controls the Account.  UCSD will use Loc 1 Code.

Loc 2 Code Controlling Agent
1 Account is local to the campus
2 Account is systemwide, and under the control of the Office of the President

Notes on Loc 1 and Loc 2 coding:

  1. Transfers to/ from UCOP should have Loc 1 = 04 and Loc 2 = 2. UCOP’s accounts are housed at the Los Angeles campus “04.”
  2. If Loc 1 = 06 and Loc 2 = 1, the transaction involves the San Diego campus “06” and local campus funds “1.” Currently San Diego does not manage any System-wide programs.
  3. Do not use - - > If Location 1 = 06 and Location 2 = 2, the transaction involves the San Diego Campus “06” and system-wide (alpha location) funds “2.” Alpha location accounts were set up to differentiate between system-wide funds under control of the Office of the President, and local funds under campus control. Currently San Diego is not managing any system-wide programs, Loc 2 = 1.

F. Account

All ILTF forms require: (a) a budget entry and (b) an offsetting revenue entry for both the sending and receiving locations.

Minimum of four lines are required on an ILTF, this will be two from San Diego and two from the receiving campus. Prior to completing the form, please obtain the account information from the receiving campus. Note: Each UC campus and UCOP have unique account formats as they relate to accounts.

Download a completed example (PDF).

Prior to the implementation of IFIS (July 1, 1991), UCSD used the financial system developed by UCOP called DAISY.  Because the ILTF is a systemwide form processed by UCOP, and because UCOP still uses the DAISY coding, it is necessary to translate IFIS account codes to DAISY account codes to properly complete the form.

(a) Budget Entry

UCOP Account translation is based on the first two digits of the IFIS Program code and the last four digits of the IFIS organization code.

UCSD IFIS Program + Organization to UCOP Account Translation
IFIS Program + IFIS Org UCOP Account Description of Program
40YYYY + 41XXXX = 40XXXX Instruction
44YYYY + 41XXXX = 44XXXX Research
62YYYY + 41XXXX = 62XXXX Public Service
43YYYY + 43XXXX = 43XXXX Academic Support
60YYYY + 60XXXX = 60XXXX Library
61YYYY + 61XXXX = 61XXXX University Extension
66XXXX + 66XXXX = 66XXXX General Administration
68XXXX + 68XXXX = 68XXXX Student Services
72YYYY + 72XXXX = 72XXXX Institutional Support
76YYYY + 76XXXX = 76XXXX Auxiliary Support
76YYYY + 78XXXX = 78XXXX Student Financial Aid
80YYYY + 80XXXX = 80XXXX Provision for Allocation

“XXXX” = Last four digits of IFIS Org code
“YYYY” = Last four digits of IFIS Program code

(b) Simplified Operating Fund Initiative (SOFI)

The following guidelines are for departments using SOFI funds. Download the SOFI Funds list (PDF).

Important: keep in mind when speaking with other UC campuses, SOFI is only a UCSD project and it is not used across the system. Other UCs are not aware of SOFI funds; 99100A or 99200A.

  1. Outgoing Transfers – A UCSD department that has SOFI funds and needs to send legacy funds to another campus. (See SOFI Funds list above for Legacy Funds)
    1. Obtain from the receiving campus their Full Accounting Unit or FAU for funds 19933 and use revenue account 119900.
      Note: San Diego will generally send 19933 funds; however, if a UCSD department needs to send a different color of funds, please see SOFI Funds list (above) for available fund options. 
    2. Complete ILTF form Line 1 & 2 using your fund 99100 or 99200, and place your SOFI index explanation. This will be used in the next step. Download sample completed ILTF SOFI (PDF).
    3. The Campus Budget Office will prepare an On-Line Transfer of Funds moving your 99100A funds centrally.
    4. Next the Campus Budget Office will complete the ILTF form and send the requested funds to the receiving campus from the central index. This is similar to a fund swap.
  2. Incoming Transfers – All incoming transfers are managed by General Accounting and funds will be converted to SOFI funds prior to posting to the department’s ledger, unless specific funds are transferred to San Diego and are not part of the legacy roll-up of funds.
    Note: When providing the other campus with your FAU also provide your index/fund/Org/Program (IFOP) to be placed in the explanation. This will help our San Diego Accounting office to provide you the funds in the correct index.

Revenue Account Coding Translation

On a separate line use Offsetting Revenue Entry – Revenue Account translation is based on the first five digits of the Fund code.

The revenue account should also be the same except when sending 99100 funds. No cross funds. See Table A below.

Table A: Revenue Account Coding Translation
Fund Range Revenue Account
02000A – 09399Z 119750
18000A – 18199Z 218XXX
Prior Year 19900A 119900
19931, 19933, 19934,
19940, 19941, 19942
Current Year 19900 219900
20000A – 33999Z 119850
34000A – 39399Z 119820
39600A – 59999Z 119800
60000A – 74999Z 119850
76000A – 76999Z 119710

"XXX" represents the last three digits of the Fund code

G. Fund

Enter the first five digits of the IFIS fund number (e.g., for UCSD’s 19900A, enter 19900).

H. Sub

Enter the sub-account (second digit of the IFIS account number).

Sub Description IFIS Account No
0 Salaries - Academic 60XXXX
1 Salaries - Staff 61XXXX
2 General Assistance 62XXXX
3 Supplies and Expense 63XXXX
4 Equipment and Facilities 64XXXX
5 Travel 65XXXX
6 Employee Benefits 66XXXX
7 Code available for special items 67XXXX
8 Unallocated 68XXXX
9 Recharges to other departments 69XXXX

I. Description of Transaction

Indicate the campus location and UCOP account number that the funds are coming from and going to. 

  1. Transfers that involve local campus funds should use numerical campus location codes in the description.
    1. Local campus funds transferred from San Diego using UCOP account 123456 should have a description that reads “Fr: 6-123456.”
    2. Local campus funds transferred to Irvine using UCOP account 123456 should have a description that reads “To: 9-123456.”
  2. Not used in San Diego - - > Transfers that involve systemwide funds should use alphabetic campus location codes in the description.
    1. Systemwide funds from UCOP using UCOP account 123456 should have a description that reads “Fr: M-123456.”
    2. Systemwide funds to San Diego using UCOP account 123456 should have a description that reads “To: O-123456.”
    3. The Berkeley campus uses letters in their account codes.
      Note: Do not confuse them with alpha location: To UCB/Acct M54678 = To: J-M54678
Local Campus Code
Systemwide Campus
Code (Alpha)
1 J Berkeley
2 K San Francisco
3 L Davis
4 M Los Angeles/ UCOP
5 N Riverside
6 O San Diego
7 P Santa Cruz
8 Q Santa Barbara
9 R Irvine
10 S Merced

J. Current Year / GL Amount

Enter dollar amount with no sign and include cents.

K. Permanent Amount

Enter dollar amount with no sign and no cents.

L. Prepared By

Enter preparer’s first name, last name.

M. Telephone Number

Enter preparer`s ten-digit telephone number. For example, “Jane Doe (UCSD), (XXX) XXX-XXXX.”

N. Email address

Enter preparer`s email address

O. Totals

Enter the totals of all line items in each column.  All debits must equal all credits in both current year and permanent transfers.

P. Explanation

Enter a detailed description of transfer and the Full Accounting Unit (FAU) for both campuses. For UCSD a list of IFIS codes. 

For example:

To fund the new XYZ program.
Refer to July 1, XXXX letter from President Napolitano to Chancellor Khosla.
FROM: Org/Index/BD Index/Fund/Program TO: Org/Index/BD Index/Fund/Program

Q. Approvals

Enter the name of the appropriate approver(s) for this document.

R. General Accounting Approvals

Before approving GA will verify a department’s fund balance then forward to the Campus Budget Office for processing.

3. Print document and acquire signatures

Print out completed ILTF document and acquire all necessary and appropriate signatures.

4. Mail document

Mail approved ILTF document via campus mail to the Campus Budget Office (Mail Code 0936).


Outgoing Transfers:

Campus Budget Office
Hugo Rios
(858) 534-6191

Incoming Transfers:

General Accounting Office
Barbara Cervantes
(858) 534-4993

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