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Staffing List

Learn about the staffing list used by departments to align permanent salary budget with actual staff and faculty salary commitments.

The report contains Budget, Full Time Equivalent (FTE) and Salary information.

UCSD departments issue permanent staffing lists:

  • To accurately budget salary costs for permanently budgeted fund sources
  • To ensure that our campus receives all base-related salary increases
  • To fulfill requirements of the state of California and the Office of the President

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Where does the data come from?

  • Sub 0 (faculty) or Sub 1 (staff) budget data is pulled from the Permanent Budget system.
  • Sub 0 (faculty) or Sub 1 (staff) position data is pulled from the Permanent Staffing system.
    • Information on filled FTE’s is extracted from the Payroll Personnel System (PPS).
    • Information on vacant FTE’s is extracted from the Provision Master File, a campuswide report that reserves both the FTE and budget associated with vacant positions.

Keeping your staffing list balanced

The UC Office of the President requires campuses to submit a balanced staffing list every fiscal year-end (June 30). The Campus Budget Office recommends departments balance their staffing list:

  • Following a campus merit or range implementation.
  • Whenever hiring or separating an FTE.
  • After processing any reclass or equity adjustments.
As the fiscal year progresses, several actions will cause a staffing list to become out of balance. These actions may require adjustments to the permanent budget, PPS, and provision master file. See Budget and Staffing Monthly Cutoff Dates.

Step by step instructions on how to balance your staffing list are covered in Budgeting 135: Staffing List Basics.

Staffing letters

Staffing letters are in PDF format:


Get help

Vice Chancellor unit Contact Phone
Academic Affairs  Karen Stecher (858) 534-9089
Advancement Moon Pan (858) 534-1194
Chief Financial Officer Caitlin Chu (858) 822-0590
Chancellor’s Office Jocelyn Pacheco (858) 534-3993
Health Sciences — Sub 0 Angelica Mangindin (858) 534-1827
Health Sciences — Sub 1 Jeane Lee (858) 246-2202
School of Pharmacy Andrina Marshall (858) 822-5590
Marine Sciences Grace Wagner (858) 534-7238
Resource Mgmt & Planning Mahoe Nakaneula (858) 822-1881
Research Affairs Kyle Nakanishi (858) 822-5321
Student Affairs Jason Jennings (858) 534-4372
Student Health & Well-being Tes Nebrida (858) 822-7553

Budget & Staffing Monthly Cutoff Dates

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