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Fiscal Closing & Frozen Payroll Information

Find date information affecting the Permanent Budget fiscal close for departments and Vice Chancellor areas. Learn what Frozen Payroll is and how to process it.

Year-End Budget and Staffing Calendar

FYE 2016-17 Due Dates Departmental Action
May 15 Interlocation transfer of funds
July 7 Permanent transfers of funds affecting academic salary expense account 60XXXX must be entered online by 10 a.m. for approval by the Academic Personnel Office. Please note: Transfers must have June transaction dates.
July 7 Permanent transfers of funds affecting staff salary expense account 60XXXX – 69XXXX must be entered online by 1 p.m. for approval by Vice Chancellor and Campus Budget Office. Please note: Transfers must have June transaction dates. Submit changes to the Provision Master file for Preliminary Staffing List.
July 7 Update PPS for the final Staffing List. Distribution lines must be effective 7/1/17. Submit changes to the Provision Master file for Interim Staffing List.
July 12 Submit changes to the Provision Master file for Final Staffing List. Submit Sub-0* Frozen Payroll entries. Online current-year transfers of funds affecting expense accounts 60XXXX – 69XXXX. Please note: Transfers must have June transaction dates.

Note: There will be no Frozen Payroll for Sub-1 staffing. Adjust your permanent ledger accordingly.

Frozen Payroll

Important: Frozen payroll only for sub-0 academics.


The frozen payroll process artificially adds or deletes employees from the Staffing List Report. Permanently budgeted FTE information is uploaded from the Payroll Personnel System (PPS) to create employee data for the Staffing List Detail Report.

At year-end, the Campus Budget Office freezes the Employee Database (EDB) for staffing reconciliation purposes. The FY2016-17 EDB freeze will occur on July 7, 2017 @ 6 p.m. Due to the freeze, miscoding of PPS information may inadvertently add or delete employees from the Staffing List.

While the EDB is frozen, changes cannot be made directly through PPS. The Staffing List can be balanced in two ways:

  1. Process a transfer of funds to increase or decrease the subaccount 0 or 1 allocation, sufficient to cover the employee’s cost; or
  2. Process a frozen payroll entry to artificially add or delete the employee from the Staffing List. (The actual PPS changes still need to be done as frozen payroll entries are only reported during the fiscal closing staffing cycle).

Note: Frozen payroll entries should only be used as a last resort for staffing reconciliation.  

How to Submit Frozen Payroll Templates

Accuracy is vital to the success of the Frozen Payroll program.

  1. Accurately complete the Key Entry Spreadsheet (Excel). Key entry fields are described as follows:
Action code: A=Add; D=Delete
Employee #  
Employee ID Number (use 9-digits, e.g., 000001234)
Distribution #

Staffing Distribution Line

  • Add=Assign next sequential distribution number
  • Delete=Two digit distribution number as appears on Staffing List
Title Code Title code
Employee Last Name Last name  
Employee Initials First and Middle Initial
Birthdate MM-DD-CCYY
Sex M=Male; F=Female
SAU Code In most cases will be 0 (zero); for MRU/Alpha Location only, use SAU code 5
Sub Campus Sub-Campus: 1=General Campus; 2=Health Sciences; 3=Marine Sciences
DOS Code Distribution of Service Code
Rate Code Rate: A=Annual; B=By agreement
Monthly Rate Monthly Budgeted Rate
FTE Budgeted FTE
ERC* Employee Relations Code
EUC* Employee Unit Code
ERPC* Employee Representation Code
TUC* Title Unit Code
AREPC* Appointment Representation Code
Fund Number
Organization Organization Number
Account Account Number: 600000= Faculty; 610000= Staff
Program Number
*For Frozen Payroll additions, the code can be found on the IGEN and IAPP screens in PPS.
  1. Email the completed sub-0 academics spreadsheet to Hugo Rios,, no later than Tuesday, July 11, 2017
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