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Project Classifications and Balance Calculations

The Project Classifications table shows project class categories and project class codes.

PPM Balances for non-sponsored projects are calculated differently depending on the project classification. Projects for annual operations are reported on a year-to-date (YTD) basis, while projects funded one-time or irregularly are reported on an inception-to-date (ITD) basis. The balances calculations and project classifications are shown below.

Project Classifications

Project Class Category Project Class Code PPM Reporting
Capital Project Capital Project ITD
Cost Tracking Campus Fellowships ITD
Clinical Administration ITD
Committed Reserves YTD
Committee ITD
Faculty Discretionary ITD
Faculty Retention ITD
Faculty Start Up ITD
General Reserves YTD
Non Sponsored Research Award ITD
Non-Capital Construction ITD
Operations YTD
Other ITD
Recharge Recipient YTD
Team YTD
Course Academic YTD
Extension YTD
Default Default ITD
Event Events ITD
Financial Allocation Model Block Grant YTD
Combined/Other student support YTD
Master's Growth YTD
Line of Service Auxilliary YTD
Recharge Operation YTD
Research PI Initiated Clinical Trial ITD
Research ITD
Sponsor Initiated Clinical Trial ITD
Service Agreement Non-Research Service Agreement ITD
Research Service Agreement ITD

Balance Calculations

GL Balance Calculations:

  • Beginning Balance (net of all prior year activity, including capital assets) + YTD Resources +/- YTD Non-Operating Transfers – YTD Expenses – YTD Capital Assets = Ending Balance
  • Ending Balance – Commitments – Payroll Projections = Balance Net of Commitments and Projections
Non-Sponsored PPM Balance Calculations (will be driven by Project Class Categories & Class Codes):
  • Projects for recurring annual operations:
    • Budget - YTD Costs - Commitments = Balance
  • Projects funded one-time or irregularly (e.g. faculty startup, gift funds):
    • Budget - ITD Costs - Commitments = Balance
  • Service agreements:
    • Budget - ITD Costs - Commitments = Budget Balance
    • Contract Revenue - ITD Costs - Commitments = Revenue Balance