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Net Operating Results and Fund Balances

The Net Operating Results (NOR) and Fund Balances report provides YTD overall net financial surplus or loss by major Fund categories in a profit and loss statement format.

The Net Operating Results (NOR) and Fund Balances report is available from the Business Analytics Hub under the Budget & Financial Management Reports Panorama. Standard Oracle roles are required to access the report.

Report Views

  • Results display in a formatted report with 1 label/description column and 7 amount columns
  • The report rows represent level 4 of the Managerial Reporting Account hierarchy
  • The rows are individually expandable and allow drill through the account hierarchy down to the account detail by clicking on the arrow to the left of the report rows
  • The column amounts represent actual financial data grouped by major Fund categories
  • Refer to the Data Glossary under Get Started on the main BI & Financial Reporting Blink menu for searchable data descriptions and usage rules